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【沙巴新鲜事】古达 - 婆罗最顶峰音乐会 2011 Fun in Sabah : Kudat - Borneo Music Festival 2011! Sunset musical

LATEST UPDATES! : Read here for the UPDATES that I have posted on Saturday, 23rd July, 2011 with the marvelous event at Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011!

Updated : Read here for the UPDATES I have posted on Saturday, 09.07.2011 on Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011!


Standing on the ground where Tip of Borneo (a.k.a. Tanjung Simpang Mengayau), Kudat is located. 

It is also well recognised as the tip where the Sulu and South China Sea meet.

- The Island of Borneo and the marked Tip of Borneo! -

Personally, I have been to Tip of Borneo back in March and April of this year. It's refreshing and comfortable when the breeze "touches" upon my skin. :)

Saw that arrow above? Yes, that's the Tip of Borneo, Kudat. I have traveled for three hours from Kota Kinabalu to the most northern part of Sabah, which also called "the ear of the hound" (We could see Sabah was drawn like a hound/ dog head figured). THAT'S THE TIP that I'm standing!!

Advertisement credited to SABAH, Malaysia Borneo.

As one of the four major tourist promotion events for Sabah, finally, it's this time around that Tip of Borneo Music Festival will be held at Kudat once again. AND, it will be HAPPENING than before! Furthermore, the event held back in Year 2010 was crowded with international tourists and local visitors and received raving praises! It's amazing when the quite and peaceful destination is getting well known day and day/ year by year by it's village lifestyle and it's surrounding area.

A list of performers from all over the world are listed on the above - Please click it for a better view!

By all means, share this amazing Concert to all your friends and families!!

Below are photographs I took from meatballonline (click) who have participated the Amazing Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2010 :-

- The Walkway to Tip of Borneo -

From the feedback that received from last year event, the Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2010 held was too short for only ONE (1) day and this year, the understandable management in charge together with Sabah Tourism Board have made a decision to held the Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 for TWO (2) days on the 16th and 17th July 2011!!

- The Sunset -

Imagine the amazing local and international artists, singers and musicians were there performing on the stage while the audience sit back and enjoy the performance while experiencing the breathtaking scenery of the most northern part of Sabah. It's a unique experience that not everyone can enjoy, not until they are there. ;)

- Rehearsing for the event -

Certainly the performers and other personnel in charge will be arriving at Kudat earlier than anyone of us. We should be grateful that they have work hard for the amazing performance and event and for sure that Sabah should be thankful to visitors all over the world who came all the way to make it an unique event to be known through out the world.

- That's the Crowd back in year 2010 -

With unexpected crowds back in Year 2010 with the limited seats, this year will be better than the last!

Click the video below that I have found! It's the extract performance on Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2010! :

 Here's some of the snap shots I took during my trip to Tip of Borneo, Kudat :

It's the surrounding view that we could see from Tip of Borneo!!

- Fascinating scene of the wide and open coastline -

The Sea water that I saw during my trip to Kudat was crystal clear. It's unpolluted and the air was refreshing!

- The Bronze Globe -

It marks the location of Tanjung Simpang Mengayau with a map featuring the island of Borneo and marked the Tip of Borneo!

- The discouraged zone to walk -

 There's a signboard written that we are not allowed to go further than it. So, please be careful!

FYI, the event is supported by Sing Out Asia, their objectives are to bring youth of Asia and help them to understand the importance of friendship and understanding. Good objectives for such an event. :)

Before I end my post, for anyone who are interested in purchasing tickets only are encouraged to do so!

Tropical Holidays Paradise (THP), the Company which has been appointed as the event partner will be offering various packages with reasonable prices that will suites anyone of you! For visitors (local and international) whoever would like to have a stay or having a short trip of one day are encouraged to subscribe those packages! Just click which ever link(s) below that suits your requirements and it will ease your trip and musical journey to/ at Kudat!

i. Tip of Borneo 2011 Day Trip Music Package - click here!

ii. 2 Days 1 Night Tip of Borneo 2011 Music Package - click here!

iii. 3 Days 1 Night Tip of Borneo 2011 Music Package - click here!

And there's more beside enjoying the performance, we can have personal experience with the culture of Villages nearby. It's all about Sabah's culture - The Rungus Tribe and more exciting activities to be joined!

For any inquiries, please feel free to send them to or call 088-432 331.


  1. I am so proud of Sabah right now... that is all ;D

  2. Hehehe :D Sabah gained a lot of popularity year by year!

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  5. I hope I would be there too for the 1st time ever. d(^^,)

  6. Yeah!! Another interested people!! Come to Sabah! And u can experience the beautiful people here! ;)

  7. i've already gone there a few weeks ago. but it seems like i want to go there again. it is so beautiful. i want to experience the sunset and the sunrise ^^

  8. Yea!! Next month with the amazing Sunset event, totally great!! I miss the white sandy beach!

  9. Woww this year’s music fest looks much better than last year – lots more performers & over 2 nites… Wish I can go but unfortunately this year I’ll be working over that weekend :-(

  10. Sigh~~ That's sad. :(

    Ncm, wait for next year! Its normally will held on middle of July!