Sunday, June 12, 2011

【沙巴玩】 古达 : 乘车一日游!感受乡村生活。 Fun in Sabah : Kudat - Road Trip to Kudat, Experiencing Village Life. ;)

First of all, before I start my "Road Trip to Kudat", I would like to inform you that there will be the Kudat Tip of Borneo Sunset Music Festival 2011 happening on this coming July 2011! Anyone who are interested to buy tickets or any tourists who would like to subscribe package to Kudat in addition to the Sunset Music Festival, feel free to drop me an email!! ;) Click here for the 2010 event happening last July!

 Hurry!! Before it's too late!!

Here goes my "Road Trip to Kudat"! ;)

Living in Sabah for the past twenty over years, finally I have my chance to visit Kudat. It wasn't my first but my second visit to Kudat on this half a year. 

The first time was on March and the second was on April with T's family and their relatives for a day trip and back in K.K. during the evening.

In short, T's family came from Kudat and we went there for a short "picnic" at T's grandparents house which located in the middle of Kudat Village/ rural area where we could see large amount of coconuts trees. ;)

- It's 6.08am when we reached Kota Belud area -

Waking up at 4.00am after T told me that his dad going to fetch me and continued our road trip to Kudat. The whole trip took about 3 (three) hours (with normal car speed of 80km/j) from K.K. and it could be shorter if you could speed up your car.

I was partly sleeping for the past few hours until I reach Kota Belud which the highway is clear straight with few stalls/ houses are there. The scenery was so beautiful when the Sun was rising slowly.

- View of Mount Kinabalu from Kota Belud area -

I was excited when I saw the beautiful view from Kota Belud. It amazed me so much!

- Stop over for washroom -

Usually, we will stop over for washroom on our way and during my second visit, I managed to see the beautiful scenery of a bed of cloud over those hills and jungle. It was great when we start over journey early in the morning. :)

Continued our journey and we were getting nearer to Kudat and stop over for a cup of drink at Kampung Sekuati where there is a morning street market selling local snacks, fresh fishes and vegetables and it just like any market seen in town.

Around 8.00am, we reached Kudat and it's breakfast time with the economy noodles! It cost us about RM130 for 17 of us (young and adults) during our first visit and it was advisable to pay before you eat when there are more people joining for breakfast! You wouldn't want to end up with paying more after that and ruin your day right?

The next stop going to be :

- T's grandparents house -

Saw the wooden house? All their stories begin from there. :) 

T's dad and uncles told me some of their past while they were younger and staying at Kudat. In the past, they walk by foot to their school and more and they even pointed me where was their school  and the house they were staying before. The school still there, but the house which nearer to the town was damaged.

- Green green grass of home  -

The above was taken on March while the below with yellow flowers on the tree was taken during April. It's a big change in just few weeks time!

Relaxing short trip for people like us where we are used to our happening town.

- The same spot that I took the photograph -

Yellow flowers grown! And T's aunts were excited, they even joked that it's like in Korea when they took photographs. LOLz :D

- Man made Wooden Furniture -

I never seen one before, despite I'm born in K.K. city. I have been to village nearer to K.K. city and not this far. The whole wooden house get a shock of my life!! You will know more about it when I continue my post. -____-

I told you! It's going to be PICNIC at T's grandparents house! His grandparents not staying there for the past few years and currently, only the plantation worker and his family staying in.

- The gas stove -

The old old gas stove! OMG!!! It's antique!!

One thing that I will kept in mind FOREVER!! I was seeking for the wash room at the house and T's dad directed me to a "room" and there was NOTHING in there!! And I was SHOCKED!! OMG! Totally panic! And it was actually the washroom and the next.... I think you won't want to know about it! haha ;D

Yea~ No toilet bowl and just a flat cement in there, we need to clean the floor by splashing it water and if people want to poo, they are going to do their business at the bushes outside the house. :P

- Checking out the Coconuts over there -

Few of them going for a walk at the Coconut plantation.

- After the walk -

Even though they wear those boots but it was not enough for them when there's mud. Yaiks!

A looooOooog walk indeed with unexpected circumstances and one of them felt on to the mud while walking and his pant was dirty! Luckily, his mom bought extra shirt and pants for him. :)

- Coconut Tree Leaves Bag -

There might be some interesting items that I could snap of anyway. ;)

- Jack Fruits -

It can't be eaten until it was fully matured, need to wait for few days more. Or... maybe additional dish for dinner? I think my dad ever cook it  before as one of the vegetable curry dishes at home. Nyum!


- Hen and chicks -

I'm touched when I saw it for the first time and it's happened to be raining during my second visit. It's hard to see at the place I'm staying except for those who raise chicken at their backyard. It was so COOL!

I did learned something from the trip with them. The knot between family is unbreakable, unless there's people who want to destroy it!

- The Relaxing Scenery -

Breathing the fresh air and enjoying the non polluted village. Well~ We could live longer over there. :D

Who want to stay there for your entire life?

Picnic done! We were heading to the next destination! Guess where was it?!

- Crystal clear Sea -

The next destination of ours.

Till then!


  1. a very tranquil and relaxing view.. rarely get this is the concrete jungle in KL :)

    the pee/poop thingy is just.. err.. susah la :P

  2. :D Hahaha :D

    Thanks for the RT in twitter, Ken! :)

  3. Hi there. Nice blog. I've always been fascinated by Kudat (and Pitas). I think it is one of the most beautiful districts in Malaysia. The existence of coconut trees all over Kudat seem to help it even more. Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me of my trip to Kudat. :-)

  4. Welcome. :) I ‎​♥ sharing all my trips here! :) glad U like it. :) Yup! Its beautiful with coconut trees.

  5. wahhhh...lama x balik hometown at kudat...tempat kelahiran saya welkam 2 kudat.....

  6. Ruziah: Thank you! :) It's beautiful over there!

    Omen: :) thank you! The sea view is marvellous at kudat! SooooO clean!