Monday, June 27, 2011

Pampered with English Tea at English Tea House

Note : ETH is relocated to Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru.

Remember that I went to English Tea House on Kaamatan Holiday here in Sabah? 

Yea~ Gonna talk about it this time after almost a month!

Well~ Back to blogging more often these days! My new Dell laptop in red is soOOoo SEXY! :D

A legacy of Colonial Grandeur.

I was interested to go there for a try since I knew there was such restaurant in town! As usual,  I do love a relaxing chilling out session with tea or coffee. *indulging* 

I asked Beverly (click) whether she went there before or otherwise, and she dropped by with her friend few days after we talked about it and since she wanted to grab a drink nearby in town.

LOLz! She was addicted and loving that restaurant and she could "report" herself three days in the same week since her first visit!

I have approached meatball (repeating the same) to go there for a try too! Hehehe ;P Can't help it when its comes to INDULGING!

ETH was originated from Sandakan, where it is located on the ground of Agnes Keith House. I never been there before, but meatball ever went there during her trip to Sandakan years ago. From her little review, she told me that ETH of Kota Kinabalu served better dishes!! Especially Tiramisu here!

From the photograph I saw hanging at a corner of ETH, K.K., the concept of Agnes Keith House certainly attracts me with its British Garden concept. Its really beautiful.

- Tiramisu (RM9.90) *recommended* -

The heavenly indulging Tiramisu that I have been saying since my first visit to ETH.

The moment its entered in to my mouth.. it melted and then... the smell of Rum was all over my mouth, the smooth cream cheese, the Coco powder... WOW and OMG! Meatball could eat the whole slice alone! I was taking photographs and she keep eating that slice of Tiramisu and left me some. It cost RM9.90 and totally worth for the price!

- Scone Tea Set (RM15.00) -

Two large scones with fresh cream, strawberry jam, Cucumber sandwich and mini fruit tarts while serving Coffee or Tea for two to three person.

Besides, we could have Scones only that cost RM5.00!

In case you didn't notice, that's Beverly from Take Another Step behind!

- Fresh Cream with Strawberry Jam Scone -

Its YUMMY and the Scones that served warm were quite filling and it makes me full until I felt like my tummy going to burst!!  About the mini fruits tarts, its tasty and I like it, the tarts skin were crunchy too!

- Baked Potatoes (RM5.00) -

Beverly had this and its more than enough for one to two person or maybe three for sharing.

ETH offers Western and Asian Cuisine with reasonable prices. Its nice to find such a restaurant to relax and chilling around, especially after a long walk of shopping or before going to the Islands nearby or returning to the city after our Island trips.

- The Surrounding -

Cozy restaurant with friendly services! I love it!

Besides, having tea session with Beverly on holiday, my family and I went there on Saturday of the same week for brunch and its public holiday again! Dad still prefer his usual Kopitiam while mom like that place and the price is reasonable she said! Yeah!

- Earl Grey Tea -

The usual tea that I will consume when I'm not having Coffee. :) It's perfect when its comes with a slice of cake. Mmm~~ Heavenly!

- Beverage served -

Reasonable pricing for tea and coffee. Well~~ about the soft drinks, we can't compare it with those we bought from Supermarket do we. We need to pay for the price according to the restaurant that we are dining in.

- Crumpet Tea Set (RM9.50) -

Served with two Crumpets with butter and choice of Strawberry Jam or Marmite and served with mini fruit tarts. In addition, they served us with Cucumber sandwich and few pieces of fruit cakes. Nyum! My mom love it!

- Crumpets -

Crumpets will cost RM4.00 when we requested separately.

I prefer having it, not filling like their Scones and I had varieties of dishes!

- English Classics and From the Grill Menu -

- Pumpkin Soup with Ginger - 

I like this! Very nice texture, a strong smell of fresh pumpkin and ginger. Awww~~~ 

I had a sip from my younger sister's Mushroom soup too! Its like the one I'm searching for, with the blended mushrooms in it! If I'm not mistaken, the soup cost only RM5.00 each! (Correct me if I'm wrong)

- Homemade Sandwich -

FYI, they are using the imported potatoes. My dad finished most of it! he love fries! :D

 - Shepard Pie -

We had Beef Shepard Pie, clumsy me took the above bite which was the most dried area of the pie. -___- From meatball opinion, she say "Okay ah~ Where got dry?" after she had her scoop more toward the middle of the pie. hehe ;) And again, I tried another bite with its gravy, and it taste better!

Our brunch cost us RM75.++. And we had varieties of dishes including my dad's Seafood Char Keow Teow!

ETH definitely deserve for more afternoon tea and brunch in the future with my friends and family! Me love it! And I hope they will maintain their quality without disappointing us. :)

Jesselton Point! Its just next to Cock and Bull Pub!

Official website :


  1. i feel pampered just by looking at the food too.. especially the tiramisu! :)

  2. :) O(∩_∩)O It'so creamy!

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  4. uh.uh.uh..we got english tea house here also..n the view is superb..u come goin to try shepard pie nxt tym..owh..n de tiramisu..hehe..

  5. oh my...very reasonable price!! i thought this such cafe will stop my '$kaching2$' lol! :) gonna try soon...i'm drooling sudah ni nampak itu tiramisu ^0^

  6. Hehehe :D feeling good to make you craving for it. Haha. The food and surrounding are superb!

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  8. the food looks sooo good... :)

  9. Among all, the one that got my attention is the Tiramisu... I would love to have one for evening tea ;D

  10. CathJ: The food taste good too!

    Armstrong: yaya! Go there for a try when you are here! Its easy to find it in town!