Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Convocation Day was Great with Friends at Sushi Tei and Chatime, Pavilion KL!

I was having my dinner yesterday and suddenly I remembered I haven't update my blog on the convocation that I have attended last month. :P

I'm really that efficient, didn't I? haha ;D

Wake up around 5.30am/6.00am, get myself prepared and waited for the taxi uncle to arrive and send us to the venue.

- Sime Darby Convention Centre -

Maicsa Convocation was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre on 14th May, 2011. If you were following my Twitter, you will know that I'm in KL and Malacca last month for a week! It was great with foods most of the time and photographs to share in here!

- Coffee and Cookies -

Tea was served before the ceremony started and dad get to know a new friend from my convocation too! My parents and I took our portrait before the ceremony started, so that we won't be rushing in the end when the ceremony ended. :) It's the best way to take our portrait photography with the fresh look of our morning face!

And I'm loving the portrait that I took this time! Satisfied with the result, my face wasn't round with the water retention that I will normally have in the morning and the past portraits photography of my graduation were sucks (the whole morning and even until the event ended! wtf!). And this time, I did some secret methodology before I went out from the hotel room. LOLz ;D

-A long long friend and classmate of mine -

Such a coincident that we went to the same College since Sabah Branch for Diploma and KL Branch for Advanced Diploma, furthering study at the same University at UK and even we passed our last professional paper on the same examination and graduated together at the same time. :S

Psss~~ Her girl friend is my primary classmate you know or not??!!

- Cam whore -

:) I like to take from the side, the hood represent the qualification and even represent the college or University that we were graduating from.

- The Ceremony -

I saw familiar faces from Tarc, KL. :) Saying "Hi" to the lecturer of Tarc and took a group photo with them. 

The convocation was fine that day. However, it would be even more fun and memorable if a group of classmates/ friends of mine were graduating together like the past convocations I have attended while everyone of us taking photographs with one another and show their smiling faces the whole event going on.. until my mouth cramp because of the smile and laugh!  Aww~~~ I do miss that. :')

- Grad ICSA -

Don't ask me why my robe makes me looks like pregnant. I have no idea about that. =_=

After the ceremony ended, we went back to the hotel for a rest and meet up with my friend who is working in KL for chilling out session and end up, she had lunch and tea session and even shopping with my parents the whole afternoon!

- (^-^) -

The whole afternoon I went shopping and having tea with her. And meeting other friends for dinner which I have dated the day before. They were nice to me and took the effort to meet us up!

- Sushi Tei, Pavilion KL -

Had too much cakes and coffee in the evening and I only had Sansai (Herbal Vegetables) Ramen as my dinner.

- Meeting up with friends which I have graduated with! -

The day before I'm going to KL, I sent a message to the "leader", which we once called him during Advanced Diploma and Degree whether they were free to meet up with both of us from Sabah (me and the guy friend of mine). I was thinking that we might not know when will be our next visit to catch up with each other in the future. Maybe they will come to Sabah for a change. :P

A small group of friends came up for the dinner and it just nice for chit chat and talking about all kinds of funny stories after graduated! :D I really thanks them to have the effort to drive all the way to meet us at Bukit Bintang area.

- Chatime, Pavilion KL.

After we had our dinner, they brought us for a drink at Chatime in Pavilion KL.

- The Pearl Milk Tea -

As we all know, Pearl Milk Tea was originated from Taiwan and we must try their recommended milk tea! I had a sip from my friend's pearl milk tea, it taste okay for me with some difference from our Yoyo Cafe's pearl milk tea! :)  At Chatime, we are allowed to customised the beverage as we like, the sugar level, the ice etc etc.

- Chatime-ing -

All of them had their drinks while I'm watching them sipping the cold drinks. My tummy was upset that day. Argghh~ 

As a compensation, I had my cup of Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime, Mid Valley/ The Gardens's basement when I was there. For my opinion, I think the original flavour with the correct sugar level will be much better, naive me ordered a cup of less sugar and it taste weird. Sigh~ I suppose not to request for any less sugar or what so ever! FYI, I waited for my cup of drink for quite a while.... They were packed with people all around the counter, its horrible!

- My pressie from Korea and my nerd spec from Sungei Wang! -

Had a great evening with friends and my bf (from KK) keeps calling me to go back to the hotel! hahaa ;D 

Naughty me didn't listen to him and just chill out with my friends at Chatime. Anyway, its either I walk back or by car to reach my hotel.

Bye bye friends and all the best to all of you who are reading this post. 

Till we meet again!


  1. Wow! Both of us have same thoughts. I also blog something personal this time. Hahaha..

    I do miss KL life sometimes and now I am going back there soon.

  2. :( Kind of sad when friends are leaving. :'(

    Hmm... You been in KL for sometimes during Tarc, KL, that's y u miss it a lot! I miss their shopping for real! :)

    Update your trips in your blog then I can be updated with your travel stories. :)

  3. graduation robes will always make us look fat i think. *sigh* if only i can alter it, i will do it. lol. thankfully, everyone will look like pregnant too, so it'a all fair. hahaha

    congrats on ur graduation! :)

  4. Hehe :) thanks tiara! Yea.. Its okay bah! Graduated is the point! Haha

  5. wahhh... so nice! Belated congratulation to u! :D

  6. i think i prefer gong cha.. haha..

    anyway, i wish i can go through a convocation all over again :)

  7. Yer... I hope I can try gong cha too. :)

    Yea.. We will miss the convocation and our college n uni life. :)

  8. Real good photos you have there, and of course, great moments too! Congratulations on your graduation....I think I've said this before, but anyway, I'll say it again :)

    You look gorgeous, BTW, in that robe....though, it's true that it is slightly larger. That's what make it a robe, yeah?

    It'll be a long time before you'll be able to meet up with your friends again, so it must be really sad, parting with them.

  9. Thank you! Photo as a memory certainly its beautiful. When I writing this post I'm happy, I'm sad. A mixture on it. :')
    Yea... Realised that friends play a role in my heart n life. :)

    Sigh... Robe... I wonder who invented it.