Thursday, June 9, 2011

CLOSED - Afternoon Tea at Le Safran (French Inspired Dining @ Home)

If you are following for the past entries I have posted, you will realise how I love chilling myself with a cup of coffee and enjoying it in some nice cafe in town. That's nothing better than a cup of tea after hours of shopping. ;)

- Pastries -

Since Le Safran started their business, I'm interested to go there for a visit each time I walked by the cafe. And finally, few of us including my mom and meatball would like to grab a drink after our shopping and we dropped by at the restaurant for our tea session since we already there and never tried it before!

- Pastries -

I'm not really sure about the price but from what I remembered, the price is quite reasonable especially their afternoon tea set for two with the combination of the above pastries and 2 cup of coffee! Overall the pastries taste was okay and I like one of them with sweet taste!

 - Cappuccino -

The usual drink that i would have in any Cafe. ;) Looks tempting!

- Open air design - 

If I'm not mistaken, it is facing the sea view.  I didn't manage to walk forward to have a look. It wasn't noisy inside during our tea session, it's quite suitable for people that would like to relax and have a nice dining over there.

- Tuna Sandwich -

Totally tuna-licious! ;D So much tuna mayonnaise for 2 slices of Baguette. How nice if we have more slices of bread or biscuits to share and dip with the Tuna! However, I still love it!

Certainly, it is a comfortable restaurant to chill for a glass of wine during the night. FYI, they do serve all sorts of French cuisine with fine presentation. I browse through the internet about the restaurant and it's looks yummy!!


Suria Sabah Branch -Closed
Le Safran, moved to The Peak

Business hour : Monday to Sunday - 10.00am to 10.00pm

Website - here!
Facebook Page - here!


  1. how come the tuna sandwich looks like ice cream scoops wan.. haha..

  2. LOLzz! :D I also don know why oo... It's two scoop full of tuna! N it's not enough with two slices of bread. :P

  3. i had been here b4 n this cafe is facing the sea. The two scoop of tuna make me hungry.

  4. Oh my oh my... food. And these kinds are the ones yang ngam makan during evening tea or something haaha.

    Cappucino... it would be awesome if they made symbols or faces on the top haaha.

  5. wow the tuna sandwich is really tempting! would really love to try it the next time i go over kk!!

  6. :) Yea! Come KK for food hunt! :) It's easy to find when U have a guide. :D