Friday, June 3, 2011

It's kind of annoying when it's abnormal

As you can see, I've posted Mosaic entry on 1st June but in the end I've took it off due to some... don't know how to say... I don't know what happen to my blog when I've posted it, other entries just disappeared and need to retrieve them by clicking the "Older post" below.

And I hope this new post I'm writing now won't be ending up like 1st June's post.


Sadly, my old laptop that I've use for the past few years came to an end when it's suddenly pop up some box that I never seen before -- MS Tool, and I can't surf my internet, it blocked me from msn and other frequent software I'm using. :'(

Finally, I've made my decision to buy a new Dell laptop and I'm waiting for it patiently. I'm feel so miserable these few days and I need to wait for 2 weeks I suppose.

WTH!! I really down hearted. :(

Something wrong with Blogspot for the past few weeks. Dang!!

Gonna stop here. Thanks for reading my grievance or rubbish that I do not know what this about.

Stay tuned for more after I got my new laptop or updating thru my smartphone!

Have a great day. Cheers!

A slice of Tiramisu. Mmmm... It's taste marvellous from English Tea House, Jesselton Point. ;)

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