Saturday, June 4, 2011

Indulgences Day at Mosaic, Hyatt Regency Hotel, K.K., Sabah

Indulging with my sister (meatball) for our first official Indulgence Day at Mosaic. Hehehe ;P Some maybe wondering what is all about the "Indulgences Day" I suppose? It's like our chilling out day once a month with nice food to eat and nice restaurant to visit [somehow closed one of our eye (^_*) on the price], as a distress session after the whole month of STRESS!

Mosaic is not a new place to be visited but definitely one of the cafe in the middle of the town with nice environment for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake with friends/ family.

- Mosaic's Bar -

From what I could remember, we were going to have our facial time at Lintas around 3.00pm and we were wondering where can we go before our times up for facial after meatball done with her work in town. Since we only have 30 minutes left until the very last minute, why don't we go to Mosaic for a change besides the usual Starbucks like usual people now a days did.

Well, I didn't say Starbucks is not as good as Mosaic. I like Starbucks' beverages but not addicted. However, when it's comes to their environment, it is different from one another but both of their price are quite similar.

- Orange Cheese Cake -

We had Orange Cheese Cake. It's a cheesy one but a bit dry when we try to cut it with the spoon. I'm going to try their famous one in the future.

- Cappuccino with Chocolate -

I can't remember what is the actual name for our drink, it's a mixture of cappuccino with chocolate drink. And  it's came together with the cookie. Nyum~ Drink was not too sweet and not too bitter, it's flavour was good (recommended!)

- Cookie -

I'm crunching on a cookie which taste like Famous Amos's cookie. Oh yea~ Before I forgot, Meatball told me that Mosaic served delicious mouth watering Ice Cream after we saw customer bought a few cones of ice creams for take away.

- Short but satisfying indulging session -

It's nothing greater than sipping a cup of coffee at some nice cafe you know...

 Despite that I'm working with stress and I need a time off to chill and be lazy just like Bruno Mars ("The Lazy Song"). ;) Everyone have their method to release their grievances and stress while mine, I'm just take a break on each Saturday doing nothing or finishing some office work at home/ mom's shop and NOT WORKING ON MY OFFICE'S DESK!! (That's my style, so live with it!!) and other extra work will be assisting my sister for the travel agent thingy or what so ever that they asked me to.

I love to have fun and of course we need to work for money before we can "have fun" lar. A world to describe the world now is -- realistic, no money no talk; no money no honey. :D

- Reasonable price at a hotel's cafe -

For two person with 2 cup of coffee and a slice of cheese cake, it cost RM37.10. How much would it cost when we made similar orders in Starbucks? I bet it cost almost the same right? 

Off we go after 15 minutes of express indulging session! Rushed for facial after that!!

Dear Mosaic, I will definitely going back for ice cream or Cappuccino! And I'm going to chill for hours!!

Mosaic, Hyatt Regency Hotel.


  1. i dont think the price is expensive...i would rather to pay this price to go to a better environment...i am sick with starbuck already...

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog :) yes, I'm a Bornean too! haha, don't tell me that you're a lefty too? I came across your blog from wow awards haha :)

  3. Kumfye: Yup! Support!

    Joanna: yes! I'm lefty! ;) I seee... U saw me from Wow Award. Hehehe :)