Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hai Yah!! Bloggers in ACTION while having Tea!!

I think it was my official afternoon tea session with Beverly from Take Another Step.

Since 30th and 31st May were public holiday in Sabah (Harvest Festival), we dated each other through the internet and dated my elder sis (meatball) for a cup of drink too! We went to English Tea House located at Jesselton Point, a new cafe/ restaurant in town which caught my eye for quite sometimes.

- Scone Set (RM15.00) with 2 cups of tea or coffee -

You know what? Bev went with her friend for the first time sometime around last week and she love that place! Furthermore, she went there for the third time in a week including the tea session with us! Yea! It's three times in a week! ;D 

While me and meatball went there for the second time in this week! And we just had brunch with our family over there this morning!

Kind of loving that place and in love with it after having their indulging yet alcoholic Tiramisu.


LOL :D That's the usual BLOGGER IN ACTION!! Snapping photographs! And meatball was laughing when she saw us doing the same action on those food!

Talk about Bev, both of us knew each other through blog (her friend said it was cool) and sometimes went for rock climbing too.

- Beverly from Take Another Step -

Nice having tea with you Bev!

Three of us had an awesome long tea session from 3.20pm till almost 6.00pm on Tuesday!

Click on this to see what Bev talks about E.T.H!!

You will totally love it!!

Till then.... ;)

till I get my laptop and back on track..... :(


  1. Thanks for linking babe!! xD I would love to go there again soon! Craving for the Earl Grey Tea and mini fruit tart! xD

  2. I think you can make it once a week for their earl grey n tarts. I can see U really really ‎​♥ it! :D

  3. bloggers in action, yeah taking photos.. and also typing on the keyboard? :)

    i want scones!

  4. Hehehe :P Attractive scones, don't they. :D

    O(∩_∩)O! Taking pics n typing! Ahah