Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dim Sum Breakfast at New Wong Kok Restaurant (Luyang), K.K., Sabah

Upcoming event on this July 2011 - Read about it - Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 (click),where the Sunset and Musical combines. :)

I do love to eat Dim Sum and I know that most of the Chinese do!

New Wong Kok Restaurant opened another branch at Luyang, replacing the old Emperor Restaurant (王帝楼) since months ago.

Heard from meatball who went there for their dinner and she told me that it taste good. Therefore, she reminded me about the saliva drooling Big Pooi Choi and other dishes from New Wong Kok Restaurant at Bundusan (click). *blinked eye*

- Dim Sum (点心) -

Every Saturday, I will be going to my mom's shop and once in a while my parents will bring me to nearby the restaurant for breakfast and this time I suggested the newly operate New Wong Kok Restaurant located at Luyang for a try.

- Sau Mai (烧卖)-

In my mind, I'm having high expectation on their Dim Sum served at the first place since I tried they Dim Sum from Bundusan branch before. However, its quite disappointing in the end.

No doubt there's still a lot of customer go there for their Dim Sum for months.

p/s: We can't eat too much Dim Sum either, it may cost us some health related problems in the future if we over consumed it now.

- Sau Mai (烧卖)-

Their Dim Sum served was tasteless that day, although the size of it was larger than the usual we had from other restaurants. I don't know why does it taste such, maybe its too crowded with people but... their first outlet (Bundusan) taste much better, even though its crowded with people (waiting list for almost one hour) during CNY. :/

Besides, T and his family went there for their breakfast once when his uncle came back for holiday from Hong Kong on April 2011. Their comment for the restaurant were "Its too much msg they've added and its not good for us to eat too much. Besides, did you all felt thirsty after you had their Dim Sum?"

- Melting Custard Bun (流沙包) -

Now a days, people normally will be particular on their health. 
Did you heard about the news where the number of death are getting higher and more towards younger generation lately? So, take care of our health and I need to get my butt up for exercise!!

- Melting Custard Bun (流沙包) -

Their signature bun but I still prefer the one which is from Bundusan branch. The texture I had from Bundusan were melting smooth.

- Price range from RM2.00 to RM8.00 -

Reasonable pricing I suppose. I love to eat Dim Sum and the restaurant located quite near to my house. And, I hope their Dim Sum will be better during my next visit. :)

 Oh my~ I'm hungry at this hour after I completed my post! ;P


New Wong Kok Restaurant, Luyang.


  1. the price is quite standard har.. even those in PJ/KL is 4.50-5.00.. only those I ate lah, not sure about the rest.. :)

  2. Yup. It's the price over here. :) Oh well... KL price is standard too, unless go to outskirt area. I think can find similar price like ours here! And I think I had it from subang area, in one of the restaurant n outside tarc, setapak! :D

  3. waaa~~ i love dim sum~~ yummyy~~

  4. I can eat Sau Mai for a whole week if I have to! ;D Delicious... but must have chilli sauce la LOL.

    Custard? Looks yummy... Tau Sar Pau meiyou a? :P

  5. hahaha
    Normally I mix mustard and tomatoes ketchup together while eating dim sum. :D

    Hmm~~ I think got tau sar la~ But.. I don't really like it. I want it hot la... if nothing can choose. haha