Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Wife, please join OWC, so you can provide me good S.

Dear men,

Do you think your wives/ girl friends are disobeying you? Or the problem is in yourself?

Yours sincerely,

Someone who is wondering.

New Club in Malaysia namely "OBEDIENT WIVES CLUB (OWC)" was formed on last Saturday.

I meant no intention in directing to anyone while I'm writing this. But I really surprised when I read the news on OWC was formed and it's kind of hilarious when I read through some phrases.

Click the below headlines if you haven't read those :

"Serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute"

Hmm~ Why I think it sounds like we, ladies or wives are like Sex machine? Do we have to fulfill the men needs 24/7? 

"A good or religious wife is also sexually good in bed"

How to say good in bed? Ermm~~It's sounds kind of subjective? Some may think average is good, some may think first class prostitute served the best. :/ Everyone needs are different, men and women.

Personally I knew different kind of men, from good and humble man to man who love WOMEN. Yea~ "Love Women" is just like the way you are thinking now. Just imagine it.

Even though one wife is obedient and respect her husband in their marriage and did her part by providing great S (It's kind of weird if I keep repeating SEX, I hereby substitute it with "S"), some respected husband still straying around with others and even creating social illness somehow or rather. Some may still love their wife, but yet they want to fulfill their social needs with others. Put it such a way, a human eating normal meat like Chicken or Beef, and they would seek for other weird meat such as Snakes or Crocodiles once in a while, however those men may get addicted to their extra social needs. Hmmm~~

"Offering sex lessons by the Club"

It caught my eye while I'm reading through, offering sex lessons, Karma Sutra may come in handy or Sex video may come in handy too.

Dear Readers, if wives subscribed the S course but their husband still carried the same attitude and creating the same social illness after a while of satisfaction, how would the wives feel? Or how if the concept of one husband, one wife is not effective (despite on the M. concept of 1 husband, 4 wives)? (I'm selfish and I will not share my love with few person towards one man!)

If you ask me "How to cure the social illness of straying or unfaithful to their partners?" I would say... I have no ideas, but it depends on personal background and the perception on themselves and their satisfaction on their "hunger"!! Rawrrrr!!!

2. "Malaysian Club urge wives to be "whores in bed"." (Another similar news regarding the new Club by other network)

All in a sudden, something pop out from my mind : As for husbands who did not provide great S, did most of the wives straying around with others? Try calculate the percentages which gender creating the most social illness in marriage. :/
Read the phrase below and thinks it's kind of TRUE!

"Men use their below half (you know what was that) to think, while Women use their upper half (brain) to think"

Fortunately, there was party who did not support the whole concept or the formation of that Club! At least some party who voice out on behalf of us as women. *relief*

Party who did not support the new Club in town on 06.06.2011!! :

My little thoughts may not notice by all, but all the above is on personal view, so... you can voice out yours too!

Till then!


  1. Me likey this post a lot ;D wakakaaka... and I support OWC till the end of time! :O

    No la, just joking... I like the idea of it but making it real is just stupid. Maybe they made the group for their wives to join? ;D wahahahahaa

  2. I will knock your head if U like OWC! hahaha :D jk bah~

    Well... you know I know, it's enough. Laugh inside our heart lar. diam diam. :P

  3. I read this before and I must say this..OCW is stupid and whoever came up with this has no self respect towards themselves especially if they're a woman themself.

    We girls know how to respect ourselves and we make our own decisions not by joining some dumb club..=.= Stupid la!

    Anyways, I love this post! Like the way you think sista! xD

  4. Great post !! haha ~ i like your personal view ~ ! A stupid club XD

    Well well .. About the phrase >_<

  5. Hahaha :D yea.. OWC is kind of stupid la. But, the media making it headlines la. :D
    That's y lor! I really don't understand y they always put their fingers towards women. Men play a huge role in one successful relationship n S lor.

    Aikss... Ok la. Stop here 1st. Later I'm carried away.

    Thanks for liking my thoughts! ;)

  6. First of all, which man does not love to have sex especially good sex ? Now that this is clear, let's move on. Men are physical. Women are emotional. Therefore there has to be a balance between the physical and the emotions just like that Barisan Nasional symbol of a balanced scale. Lately this symbol has been tilting to one side really low. If it goes any lower, the whole scale would fall down. Vote Barisan Nasional out and stop all the stupid nonsense spoken from stupid nonsense politicians and important people and stupid nonsense publications in Barisan Nasional newspaper and mass media.

  7. Eric: :) Glad you like it, I thought no one will care about what I've wrote. :)

  8. Hi there Anonymous! Thx for commenting here n sharing your thoughts. :)

    I may not be active in politics but what I do care is the wise choice of our government.

    There really play a main role in leading the country. N I bet our Government is making wise choices in sustaining
    our country. :) and doing the best for the citizens. ;)

  9. And Men should join the Loyal Husbands Club! :D

  10. Yea!!! Good one ken!! Should form one club calle LOYAL HUSBANDS CLUB!!

  11. NICE post! Or I must says, awesome!

    YES, OWC plans are craps! Asking wives to acts like World class prostitute on bed. Pfft! And I'm agree with you on the loyalty part, if the husband itself are not loyal and like to screwing girls around, there are nothing that the wives can do. Oh. Except circumsize their husband again! *jokes*

  12. Seriously, when I heard this sh*t for the first time, I can't stop laughing. Sometimes, Malaysian too can do a lot of stupid things, more stupid than other people in other countries. LOL.

    1 thing for this OWC = EPIC FAIL!

    wordless wednesday #2

  13. OrangeFay: LOLzz! If we can circumsize men, then the men will be scare of women! Hahahaha :D

    Fadzmie: yup! It's totally epic failed! It's just... *sigh* Really ah.. I think we should proposed " loyal husbands club" to educate them with bibles and what so ever source to ensure men respect women.