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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Convocation Day was Great with Friends at Sushi Tei and Chatime, Pavilion KL!

I was having my dinner yesterday and suddenly I remembered I haven't update my blog on the convocation that I have attended last month. :P

I'm really that efficient, didn't I? haha ;D

Wake up around 5.30am/6.00am, get myself prepared and waited for the taxi uncle to arrive and send us to the venue.

- Sime Darby Convention Centre -

Maicsa Convocation was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre on 14th May, 2011. If you were following my Twitter, you will know that I'm in KL and Malacca last month for a week! It was great with foods most of the time and photographs to share in here!

- Coffee and Cookies -

Tea was served before the ceremony started and dad get to know a new friend from my convocation too! My parents and I took our portrait before the ceremony started, so that we won't be rushing in the end when the ceremony ended. :) It's the best way to take our portrait photography with the fresh look of our morning face!

And I'm loving the portrait that I took this time! Satisfied with the result, my face wasn't round with the water retention that I will normally have in the morning and the past portraits photography of my graduation were sucks (the whole morning and even until the event ended! wtf!). And this time, I did some secret methodology before I went out from the hotel room. LOLz ;D

-A long long friend and classmate of mine -

Such a coincident that we went to the same College since Sabah Branch for Diploma and KL Branch for Advanced Diploma, furthering study at the same University at UK and even we passed our last professional paper on the same examination and graduated together at the same time. :S

Psss~~ Her girl friend is my primary classmate you know or not??!!

- Cam whore -

:) I like to take from the side, the hood represent the qualification and even represent the college or University that we were graduating from.

- The Ceremony -

I saw familiar faces from Tarc, KL. :) Saying "Hi" to the lecturer of Tarc and took a group photo with them. 

The convocation was fine that day. However, it would be even more fun and memorable if a group of classmates/ friends of mine were graduating together like the past convocations I have attended while everyone of us taking photographs with one another and show their smiling faces the whole event going on.. until my mouth cramp because of the smile and laugh!  Aww~~~ I do miss that. :')

- Grad ICSA -

Don't ask me why my robe makes me looks like pregnant. I have no idea about that. =_=

After the ceremony ended, we went back to the hotel for a rest and meet up with my friend who is working in KL for chilling out session and end up, she had lunch and tea session and even shopping with my parents the whole afternoon!

- (^-^) -

The whole afternoon I went shopping and having tea with her. And meeting other friends for dinner which I have dated the day before. They were nice to me and took the effort to meet us up!

- Sushi Tei, Pavilion KL -

Had too much cakes and coffee in the evening and I only had Sansai (Herbal Vegetables) Ramen as my dinner.

- Meeting up with friends which I have graduated with! -

The day before I'm going to KL, I sent a message to the "leader", which we once called him during Advanced Diploma and Degree whether they were free to meet up with both of us from Sabah (me and the guy friend of mine). I was thinking that we might not know when will be our next visit to catch up with each other in the future. Maybe they will come to Sabah for a change. :P

A small group of friends came up for the dinner and it just nice for chit chat and talking about all kinds of funny stories after graduated! :D I really thanks them to have the effort to drive all the way to meet us at Bukit Bintang area.

- Chatime, Pavilion KL.

After we had our dinner, they brought us for a drink at Chatime in Pavilion KL.

- The Pearl Milk Tea -

As we all know, Pearl Milk Tea was originated from Taiwan and we must try their recommended milk tea! I had a sip from my friend's pearl milk tea, it taste okay for me with some difference from our Yoyo Cafe's pearl milk tea! :)  At Chatime, we are allowed to customised the beverage as we like, the sugar level, the ice etc etc.

- Chatime-ing -

All of them had their drinks while I'm watching them sipping the cold drinks. My tummy was upset that day. Argghh~ 

As a compensation, I had my cup of Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime, Mid Valley/ The Gardens's basement when I was there. For my opinion, I think the original flavour with the correct sugar level will be much better, naive me ordered a cup of less sugar and it taste weird. Sigh~ I suppose not to request for any less sugar or what so ever! FYI, I waited for my cup of drink for quite a while.... They were packed with people all around the counter, its horrible!

- My pressie from Korea and my nerd spec from Sungei Wang! -

Had a great evening with friends and my bf (from KK) keeps calling me to go back to the hotel! hahaa ;D 

Naughty me didn't listen to him and just chill out with my friends at Chatime. Anyway, its either I walk back or by car to reach my hotel.

Bye bye friends and all the best to all of you who are reading this post. 

Till we meet again!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pampered with English Tea at English Tea House

Note : ETH is relocated to Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru.

Remember that I went to English Tea House on Kaamatan Holiday here in Sabah? 

Yea~ Gonna talk about it this time after almost a month!

Well~ Back to blogging more often these days! My new Dell laptop in red is soOOoo SEXY! :D

A legacy of Colonial Grandeur.

I was interested to go there for a try since I knew there was such restaurant in town! As usual,  I do love a relaxing chilling out session with tea or coffee. *indulging* 

I asked Beverly (click) whether she went there before or otherwise, and she dropped by with her friend few days after we talked about it and since she wanted to grab a drink nearby in town.

LOLz! She was addicted and loving that restaurant and she could "report" herself three days in the same week since her first visit!

I have approached meatball (repeating the same) to go there for a try too! Hehehe ;P Can't help it when its comes to INDULGING!

ETH was originated from Sandakan, where it is located on the ground of Agnes Keith House. I never been there before, but meatball ever went there during her trip to Sandakan years ago. From her little review, she told me that ETH of Kota Kinabalu served better dishes!! Especially Tiramisu here!

From the photograph I saw hanging at a corner of ETH, K.K., the concept of Agnes Keith House certainly attracts me with its British Garden concept. Its really beautiful.

- Tiramisu (RM9.90) *recommended* -

The heavenly indulging Tiramisu that I have been saying since my first visit to ETH.

The moment its entered in to my mouth.. it melted and then... the smell of Rum was all over my mouth, the smooth cream cheese, the Coco powder... WOW and OMG! Meatball could eat the whole slice alone! I was taking photographs and she keep eating that slice of Tiramisu and left me some. It cost RM9.90 and totally worth for the price!

- Scone Tea Set (RM15.00) -

Two large scones with fresh cream, strawberry jam, Cucumber sandwich and mini fruit tarts while serving Coffee or Tea for two to three person.

Besides, we could have Scones only that cost RM5.00!

In case you didn't notice, that's Beverly from Take Another Step behind!

- Fresh Cream with Strawberry Jam Scone -

Its YUMMY and the Scones that served warm were quite filling and it makes me full until I felt like my tummy going to burst!!  About the mini fruits tarts, its tasty and I like it, the tarts skin were crunchy too!

- Baked Potatoes (RM5.00) -

Beverly had this and its more than enough for one to two person or maybe three for sharing.

ETH offers Western and Asian Cuisine with reasonable prices. Its nice to find such a restaurant to relax and chilling around, especially after a long walk of shopping or before going to the Islands nearby or returning to the city after our Island trips.

- The Surrounding -

Cozy restaurant with friendly services! I love it!

Besides, having tea session with Beverly on holiday, my family and I went there on Saturday of the same week for brunch and its public holiday again! Dad still prefer his usual Kopitiam while mom like that place and the price is reasonable she said! Yeah!

- Earl Grey Tea -

The usual tea that I will consume when I'm not having Coffee. :) It's perfect when its comes with a slice of cake. Mmm~~ Heavenly!

- Beverage served -

Reasonable pricing for tea and coffee. Well~~ about the soft drinks, we can't compare it with those we bought from Supermarket do we. We need to pay for the price according to the restaurant that we are dining in.

- Crumpet Tea Set (RM9.50) -

Served with two Crumpets with butter and choice of Strawberry Jam or Marmite and served with mini fruit tarts. In addition, they served us with Cucumber sandwich and few pieces of fruit cakes. Nyum! My mom love it!

- Crumpets -

Crumpets will cost RM4.00 when we requested separately.

I prefer having it, not filling like their Scones and I had varieties of dishes!

- English Classics and From the Grill Menu -

- Pumpkin Soup with Ginger - 

I like this! Very nice texture, a strong smell of fresh pumpkin and ginger. Awww~~~ 

I had a sip from my younger sister's Mushroom soup too! Its like the one I'm searching for, with the blended mushrooms in it! If I'm not mistaken, the soup cost only RM5.00 each! (Correct me if I'm wrong)

- Homemade Sandwich -

FYI, they are using the imported potatoes. My dad finished most of it! he love fries! :D

 - Shepard Pie -

We had Beef Shepard Pie, clumsy me took the above bite which was the most dried area of the pie. -___- From meatball opinion, she say "Okay ah~ Where got dry?" after she had her scoop more toward the middle of the pie. hehe ;) And again, I tried another bite with its gravy, and it taste better!

Our brunch cost us RM75.++. And we had varieties of dishes including my dad's Seafood Char Keow Teow!

ETH definitely deserve for more afternoon tea and brunch in the future with my friends and family! Me love it! And I hope they will maintain their quality without disappointing us. :)

Jesselton Point! Its just next to Cock and Bull Pub!

Official website :

Saturday, June 25, 2011

【沙巴新鲜事】 婆罗顶峰音乐会 2011 Latest in Sabah : Tickets to Tip of Borneo (Sabah) Music Festival 2011 - 16th & 17th July

Its happening next month! 

This 16th and 17th July 2011! 

Make sure you have bought your tickets to witness the amazing event!

For broader imagination about the event, feel free to click here!


Scroll further down to watch the short video that I have featured in this post!

- Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 -

Performance by local and international artists and Orchestra!

For purchase of tickets, just drop me an email ( or check out various day trips, 2D1N trips and 3D2N trips (includes tickets price with reasonable prices) (click) offered by THP to ease your trips to Kudat! Or direct send inquiries to or call +6 088 432 331 for inquiries! Pretty staffs of THP (that's what I heard from other travel agencies) will answer on your inquiries! *cough cough**

I bet it will be fun and memorable trips over there!

And GOOD FOOD SERVED TOO!! All the way from Kota Kinabalu! Shh~ I'm going to make it a SECRET! :)

- Presentation by Young players from Permata Seni Istana Budaya -

They are also the members of Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) (click) that will be performing during the Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011! 

The future of our generation. ;) 

- The open and wide coastline -

For more photographs about Tip of Borneo or the village around, just click here (Tip of Borneo) and here (A step closer to Village Life)!

By the way, during the event held on 16th and 17th July 2011, there's Coconuts Celebration too! All sorts of fun things that you can experience on your trip!

Hehe~ I'm going to enjoy Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011! 

How about you?

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise.   

Thursday, June 23, 2011

【沙巴新鲜事】亚庇 : 第五届Jazz音乐会 Latest in Sabah - Happening 5th KK Jazz Festival (2011)

 Got your ticket to Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 already? With optional tour offered. Book your ticket by this week before its too late. 

Here goes my KK Jazz Festival 2011 -

Attended the 5th KK Jazz Festival (2011) with meatball and friends which held at the covered Tennis Court of Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf and Country Club consecutively for years during the month of June. And, it was my second year attending such a well known event. :) Read the 4th KK Jazz Festival (click here) that I have attended last year!

Eventually, KK Jazz Festival 2011 was successful and its better than the previous I have attended.

Let the photographs SPEAK!! :

- Serena C, the Emcee and SIA Little Jazz Band from K.K., Sabah -

KK Jazz Festial 2011 invited Serena C from Mix FM, which I'm more favour to listen to their radio station the whole day while I'm in my office. Don't say you don't know about her if you listen to English songs from different generation!

SIA Little Jazz Band impressed the judges during Sabah Jazz Talent Search and they performed a good show that night on their first ever public performance (I assumed). Unexpectedly, Sabah have a lot talented youngsters with different interests that haven't been  realised yet. FYI, all the band members are students of Sabah Institute of Arts! *Sabah Boleh!* :D

GUESS WHAT??!! I saw a group of youngster of boys and girls (seems like) at the Graffiti building in town last Sunday (Fathers' Day) and they were playing drums and other music instruments together! It caught my eye and shows another face of Kota Kinabalu! Besides, I saw tourists taking pictures of them too! :)

- The beautifully decorated Covered Tennis Court of Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf and Country Club -

Something different about the layout and design of KK Jazz Festival this year, there's a little stage at the middle, besides the front stage; less boring black chairs in front of the stage while more tables of 5/ 6 for friends and family to gather around for drinks and enjoying the performance going on. And, the show was crowded with people (front and behind) and I think there's audiences who can't find seats for themselves!

- Our tickets and Bandwidth Magazine that only can be found in Sabah! -

I attended the 2nd Day of the Jazz Festival while meatball attended both of the Day and she's enjoying herself with friends! She keeps repeating the 1st Day was great although its mainly performed by Malaysian. However, the little stage in the middle of the Covered Tennis Court was for the Day 2 or Day 1 performers to perform a short Jazz music, so that audience won't be waiting for the front stage to be ready for the next performers.

- Her voice was beautiful -

I can't recall her name, but I do recognise one of the band member with blonde hair which I saw him once in a while in K.K. area.

- Spice of Tones from Labuan, Malaysia -

Labuan's very own local Jazz Band which combines old (traditional) and modern genres in their music. I like the concept of combining both of them, listening to modern songs and did not forget about the old ones.

- Spice of Tones from Labuan, Malaysia -

I'm amazed with this. He was playing a traditional music instruments of Malaysia you know or not!!??

- Friends I hanged out with during KK Jazz Festival held on last Saturday -

Chilling the night with them. :) Glad they have a lot of fun at the event. We danced, we laugh and one of them even helped me to take nearer photographs of some of the artists performed nearer to our table. And, luckily she was happy and okay for doing so, the good thing is she had a clearer and nearer view of those artists that night! (^_^)

- Snacks, Drinks, Liquors, Beers and more delicious food by Sutera Harbour  -

The price was reasonable for the food prepared hot! Its cost me RM6.00 for two large spring roll (Popiah), which I thought it cost RM6.00 for one only at the first place, RM5.00 for french fries, RM2.00 for Cokes and other soft drinks and RM20.00 for a glass of liquor.

An advice from me, it would be nice to have a alcoholic drinks in hand while enjoying the music festival going on. Oh stop! I didn't drink that night. ;P 

- Mariko Hatta, the well known pianist from Japan and famous Violinist -

Special performance by Mariko Hatta only on the second day of KK Jazz Festival. I'm feeling grateful that I could see her performed that night, she sings heavenly with touching feelings of love in both of her songs.

My ear didn't leave from her music and lyrics even though I'm waiting for T to arrive at the main entrance standing like a nut over there. =__=

The first song was "Mariko" and the second was dedicated to Malaysia "Thank You Malaysia", as a token of appreciation that we, Malaysian lend a hand in terms of monetary and goods during the Tsunami incident in Japan few months ago. :)

- Public having fun! -

When the night goes on with musics and drinks all around, people gonna be swaying with the music. :) And tends to forget the people around. JUST DANCED I TOLD MY FRIENDS. People don't know who are you after that, even they saw you in the middle of their shopping. LOL :D

Awww~~~~ It reminded me the Music Festival in Liverpool (click) during my studies back Year 2008. :') The whole Liverpool was closed for such event! OMG!

- The Benjamin Lackner Trio from USA, Germany and Paris -

- Malaysian Chinese Bossa Nova Singer Z Yan from K.L. -

If I never listened to her song that night, I never knew Malaysia has such a famous Jazz singer. She is beautiful, talented with sweet voice and melted your heart if you were here. *love* 

People maybe wondering what kind of Jazz I like, I love Michael Buble's kind of Jazz!! And any other Jazz music I'm came across although I might not know who are them.

- Juzzie Smith from Australia -

Wow! He was one of the artist who everyone were interested to know about! He could combine few music instruments (guitars, harmonica and percussion) at one time and played a wonderful music. Totally, caught my eye and can't stop looking at his performance and certainly mind-blowing mastery by Juzzie. 

His unique music embraced folks, blues and groovy elements and feeling impressed with his harmonica performance when he just performed, he changed his harmonica from one to another within minutes for different section of in the song he played. His "choo choo" (the sound of train) played with faster rhythm one after another.

See how he performed by combining few music instruments!


- Me and Juzzie Smith! -

Approached him for a photograph and my friend too!

The one and only photo that I could show off. hehehe *shy shy*

- Aseana Percussion Unit from K.L. -

The last performer to end the show with great memory!

Aseana Percussion Unit, a fusion group that combines Malaysian Cultural Rhythms, Music and Instruments together with Western Musical elements to create its own unique musical style. 

I really love their concept! The way they performed and the music they played. *thumb up* Different colour of blouses represent different culture and FYI, the Drummer is an Indian, I never saw Indian played on stage or in any other performance or show before and this was my first!! An eye opener for me*

Watch the video!!


Working together as a team, be friends with one another without racism.

- Aseana Percussion Unit from K.L. -

He played music using his old comb he said -__-, the comb he was using when he got hair and he played well and nice to listen to. :) Try blowing with your comb! See whether you can do it or not? hahaha :D

- Aseana Percussion Unit from K.L. -

We danced together!

See the video and learn some moves from there!


Everybody following their order on stage! And, I'm busying taking photographs of them. :P

- The dancing pool -

There's more people dancing this year and I think its full of local and international visitors! I didn't go forward to dance around, because.... my sandal strips spoiled..... I think next year I'm gonna be one of them infront, in case my whatever footwear spoiled again (touched wood), I'm gonna be KAKI AYAM (not wearing shoe) and walk forward! Yay! 

Yea~ My friends have fun and for goodness sake, they were sweating crazily! Even though, I'm sitting at my seat while looking after their belonging, I'm having fun from my seat lar~ Still okay lar~

- The crow getting high! -

Feeling like a G6? Neh~ Aseana Percussion Unit bring the whole crowd gone hype (super excited) until the end!

You know what? Aseana sing "Burung Kakak Tua", "Sayang Kinabalu" and other songs that we were familiar with!

- Group Photography session -

Saw their happy face of all/ most the artists (both Day 1 and Day 2) and KK Jazz Festival Crews, we knew that they were blessed with all the hard works they did! :)

Remember this :

KK Jazz Festival 2011, not only for music but its also to raise money to install water gravity projects in the rural area of Sabah!

Listening to great music while helping the needy, what a great thing to do. ;)