Monday, May 23, 2011

【沙巴玩】 兰脑 - 河边鱼疗 Fun in Sabah : Ranau - Fish Massage at "Tagal" Moroli River of Luanti Baru Village

After we had our visiting at Sabah Tea Garden (click), we continued our journey further to the next destination - Luanti Baru Village located at Ranau that famous for their Tagal System, click here to know more about Tagal System! It's a fishery system to protect the river and fishes.

By the way, I got the exact meaning and explanation regarding "Tagal" from their leaflet -

"Tagal in the local dialect of Sabah natives (Kadazan Dusin) means "fishing is prohibited at certain stretch of river."

- Welcome to "Tagal" Moroli River, Luanti Baru Village, Ranau -

"Winner of Malaysia River Care Award 2006"

Their Tagal System is under the guidance of Fisheries Department of Sabah that introduced as a co-management based system that focuses in protecting, reviving, conserving and managing SUSTAINABLY for the river fisheries resources in Sabah.

Besides receiving Malaysia River Care Award 2006, they manage to receive other awards too and had recognition from both government agencies and Non Government Organisation (NGO).

- Photographs of locals and tourists bathing (whole body) with fishes and fish massaging (foot) -

Before we actually entering the riverside compound, we need to pay a certain entrance fees for those who are interested to bath with fishes in the river (fees will be charged according to the activities that we would like to join) and another additional fees for cameras at a hut is that selling some goodies and cafe. 

Walk Walk Walk!

We could see hanging bridge there while we were reaching the river. Besides fish massaging and bathing, they have other activities such as jungle trekking, water rafting, camping etc and even offering room accommodation in traditional houses.

- The list of rules of NOT TO DO and MUST KNOW! -

We need to wait for our turn after other visitors finished their 15 minutes of enjoyment at the river.

That's my dad on the right and they were having fun!

And we got only 15 minutes to play with fishes of different sizes.

If you have the chance to experience yourself, it tickles so much and fishes are huge and we could hear them chasing for food!! Having the sound of "Bloop bloop bloop".

15 minutes of enjoyment at the river with fishes of different sizes that nibbles on my feet and it's tickle. The great thing of fish massaging is those fishes were going to clear most of my dead skins!

I think if a person who got a lot of dead skins, surely the fishes will be chasing the foot and "fighting" against each other!

To attract the fishes to come over my foot, we need to hold the fish food in our palm and the fishes will come over and nibbles on my hand and keeps on swimming around there. It's kind of scary and tickle, luckily the fishes won't bite! ;D

15 minutes passes in few glimpse of eye and we were heading back to Kota Kinabalu town for rest and dinner.

Check out my cleared foot when I'm in the bus! ;D At least most of the dead skins were cleared. LOLz

Great day for a day trip at Ranau area with excited activities!

Check out their official website - here!

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for "Tagal" Moroli River of Luanti Baru Village, Ranau.


  1. Went here twice before. Ha ha! The fishes are great, but the WC provided there were not as great, yeah?

    The fishy smell lingers around my legs even after I've washed them with loads of water x)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh ya~ U reminded me about the washroom. It's quite normal when it's come to destination with waters or rivers around. haha. dirty n wet!

    Had fun also la.

  4. Never been here before :'( But my family did. All except me waaaa.

    Eniweiz, I love them fishes. The closest I got to those kind of fish are the ones from Poring. At the waterfall, there are some small fishes taking bites on your leg haaha. I wonder how the taste of having big ones :P

  5. You should go and try and U will freak out with those large fishes!!

    Scary but fun la. U can feel the scale i tell U.. very geli one.

    The small fishes like to chase our foot!

    Haha ;D

    I never put my leg into the poring waterfall ooo~~~ i thought cannot do so.

  6. Been here quite a number of times..but the first paling best :) bcos the place was still new that time.. 2008..and we get to be friendly with the fish for almost an hour hehe :)

  7. Yer... So nice!

    Why u can play in the river for 1 hour??

  8. i've been there once but that time only very few ppl but now they even have time limit... but it's fun la and ticklish... hahaha

  9. I seee... No restriction on time last time n now... 15min only.

    Yea. Fun! Geli!

  10. Fish spa is also very popular these days but I can't take the feeling of it.

  11. Haha :D you should try it once. Tickle bvut fun, at least we no need to troublesome ourself. Haha