Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Thought on Mothers' Day.

Happy Mothers' Day to All Mamas!

Some scene that I found interesting when I went to Kudat for day trip on Monday. 

That wasn't my first visit to Kudat but it was my second. I haven't update my Kudat post till date. So, stay tuned for the feel and "life" in the village soon.

For the first time, I saw such a beautiful scene and it's touched my heart.

- Baby Chicks and Their Mother -

How many of you seen this before? It's cute doesn't it?

It's quite an interesting one which I never ever seen before in my life until that day. It's raining cats and dogs while we were on our way and even we reached T's grandfather's old house at Kudat. The Hen spread it's wing and the chicks went underneath, one side of the wings so that they won't get wet after that. It's quite protective indeed.

I was born in the city, it's quite hard for us to see such a scene here. No wonder, chicks always follow the hens no matter when their mom go and the mom will spread it wings widely to scare of the eagle when the eagle wanted to attack the chicks. 

I could see~~ It wasn't easy to be a mom to maintain the harmony of a home. From what had I observed, I saw responsible parents and the other way, different backgrounds of family with different style of caring will reflect the same in return.

At my mom's shop they baked Fruit Cakes as a gifts to friends at K.L. (We will be going to KL soon for my convocation) :). However, I took one as a gift to T's mom on Mother's Day. It's quite a nice gift when people receive cakes which were home baked right?

It's Mothers' Day on the Sunday of Second Week on May each year. We didn't went out for dinner as all the restaurants in town will be crowded with families anywhere. Mom would love to have dinner at home and those were part of the dishes we had.  *nyum nyum*

How was your Mothers' Day has been?

Mine was keeping my mouth shut and do whatever my mom asked for the whole day, as usual.

I won't say "I love you Mom!" like the others. In a way that, we all should love our mom not only on this special day but in each day in our lifetime. I'm not a person who know how to express my feeling but I'm more like a person who keeps to myself, the good and the bad. If you found me talking realistically to you, is because I wanted you to shut up and when you found me doesn't talk to you much, it's because I'm not in the mood of doing so and not because you are not a friend of mine. 

I'm friendly bah!! :D But, with a little something within. ;)

The End.


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