Saturday, May 7, 2011

Those were the days when I first reached Liverpool, UK.

It's such an amazing experience while I'm furthering my Degree over there.

Visited a few marvelous destinations such as York Minster, the Roman City was ‎​♥. I ‎​♥ vintage places. It's amazing; &

Manchester whereby I do ‎​♥ that crowded place with so many Chinese there!

- High Street of Liverpool -

-Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) -

Dear Readers of my blog, shall I re-write entries about my past?With a better version from the first!

The amazing exploration in some part of UK. Or maybe Manchester United or Liverpool Football Club? :D

Have a great day you all! ♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•

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  1. Yes!! Would love to read bout ur life in Liverpool! xD

  2. :D Haha ;D Okay. Will post one or two geh! :D You told me in twitter about this! keke. ;)

  3. Dear Meitzeu, I would also love to know what to see and experience in liverpool as I maybe one day would like to visit liverpool.

  4. Nice one. Keep it up

  5. Ying : Dear Ying, thank you for commenting here. I will spare my time and sort it out all my photographs. I hope it will be better than the first time I wrote. :) It may not be the perfect shots, but I hope my dearest reader would ‎​♥ it and experienced the wonderful days of my past together with me. :)

    Lih Chau: :) Hope my friends from LJMU that studied with me won't get bored w those places I went before with U all. Hahaha :D thank U for your 'add oil' will gambate! Hope U guys are having a great worklife after all!

  6. Mei Tzeu, this is your blog and you should blog what you want, not based on what people want you to blog.

    Just like me, I also got so many post haven't blog yet and it was back in 2008 - My unfinished Europe Trip which I stop blogging up to Italy and I still got 4-5 countries which I haven't blog yet. Not forgeting, road trip, Manchester, Oxford and lots more around Uk during study. But I just keep continue blogging ever it is backdate like Monaco post.

    So, you should blog according to what you think you want. Gosh! A long comment.

    In between, so long never received your comment in my blog ooo..Hahaha.. Just kidding.

    Lastly, keep blogging.

  7. :D Visited your blog many times liao~~ But, didn't drop any comments. haha. Ok bah~~ Keep up your good work and I will gambate for the new ones. Hope, readers won't get blog and till feeling interested even I posted my journey in UK back in 2008. And this time will be more interesting!!!

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