Wednesday, May 25, 2011

【亚庇吃】渔村漂浮餐厅 Food in Kota Kinabalu : Fresh Seafood & Cultural Dances of Fisherman Village (Kg. Nelayan) Floating Restaurant

When tourists talks about Sabah, they always keeps in mind that we have the freshest seafood compared to many other countries. And that's true and it's also depends on which restaurant we wanted to visit too!

I can see that people came to Sabah for seafood and they always asking "WHERE WILL THE BEST PLACE TO HAVE SEAFOOD?". Well, you can try any restaurant in town when you saw it is crowded, definitely it will be fresher. :D And i really meant it! Remember to check the pricing before placing our order on those living fishes that you're going to eat! I think you do not want to end up with sky high prices in the end.

- Kampung Nelayan Restaurant -

It is not a new seafood restaurant in town and I think most of our above average budgeted tourists have been here for their seafood and cultural dances. I really love Cultural Dances that represent our colourful multi-cultural here in Sabah.

- Lobsters -

Seafood served are great at the restaurant and of course the price are even "better" when we ordered expensive seafood. ;)

- Soft Shell Crabs -

Personally, I like to eat Soft Shell Crabs. But, in actual it is quite cruel when you listen to how they have been caught and kept.

- Fish Mow Soup -

It is better to have fish mow soup as a substitution of Shark Fin Soup. Do we?

The number of Sharks are getting lesser now-a-days, so work together to support "NO SHARK FIN!" campaign!

- Our Dinner for the Night -

The food was fine. However, the crabs we had that night were quite small in size and we noticed that the restaurant was crowded with tourists all over the places and THP got 3 groups of tourists there enjoying their wonderful dinner! ;)

The crabs were quite small, maybe it was not the season for big fleshy crabs yet and I still remember that my previous visits there were served fleshy crabs. Yummy and I like to have Salted Egg Crabs.

- Cultural Dances -

Dance performance by professional dancers daily and their dances were not the same each time I went! Great job!

Searching for their "PREYS"!! Yea~ right! They will randomly select audience to go in front the stage for a short "show" with blow piping in front of other audiences.

Besides, the audiences have the chance to go up the stage and dance with them together for the Bamboo Dance by Murut Tribe.

Normally, Murut Dances will be the last program been fixed. They are famous for their speed in dances and reaches the peak of traditional dances and ended glamorously! Vary exciting and will keeps our eye widely open and I assure you that when you have the chance and you love cultural dances like I do. 

After they complete their cultural dances and it's time for photography session, anyone can go forward to take photographs with those handsome guys and pretty locals ladies.

Before I forget! The must try dessert at Kampung Nelayan is their COCONUT PUDDING! It's awesome!

Check out their official website : click here!
Location :
Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Dinner with Tropical Holidays Paradise at Kampung Nelayan Seafood Restaurant.


  1. That definitely looks so much fun! :)

  2. Yes, indeed. Especially when we have the chance to have fun on the stage. :)

  3. Were you the 'prey'? :)

    It looks fun. I always want to go there after we go jogging at the park. My bf said 'You want to go eat there like this?' pointing out that we are sweaty and not to mention smelling not so nice. lol

    But I will definitely go there one day :) Nice sharing, Meitzeu :)

  4. Hehehe ;D Yea~ Has been one of their "prey" before. haha ;D
    Enjoy it as well.

    When you are free, just go there to have a try~ They served nice fried noodles too. ;)

    Thanks Angel!