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【沙巴新鲜事】 沙巴丰收庆典 2011 Latest in Sabah : Premier Show of Papakang (The Odyssey of Seven Brothers)

It's been so long since I've posted my Sabah Fest 2011 on Handicrafts and Foods Exhibition (click) with brieft introduction on few familiar ethnics group.

Premier show on the second night of Sabah Fest 2011 was great with exciting Sabah's Culture to be understood. In Sabah, there's 32 ethnics groups and some of the ethnics groups involved in the show I never seen before. It's kind of mysterious and colourful though.

 - Soft instrumental music and Sabah's documentaries of various destination and our unique animal species -

I think most of us who went to the show on the same day has a little disappointed when there's a technical problems occurs where we need to wait for more than 30 minutes, luckily they've ready themselves with back up on that day, at least we weren't too upset during the night.

 - Premier Show officially started with the sound of Gong by invited guest -

There's so much VIPs and invited guests to enjoy the Premier Show of Papakang. I even saw some familiar faces before.

FYI, grandson of Jesselton was there on the day before (First day of Papakang's Show)!! And, on the same Premier Show I went, I met Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir (Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's son) was there!! Few of us even took photograph with him! Quite a friendly person and he even ask: "Where are you come from?". And "We are Sabahan!! The local peeps here!"

- Papakang, The Odyssey of Seven Brothers -

Before the show, all of us were given a handbook/ magazine that full of photographers and information about the story of Papakang.

It was the story about the seven brothers from Nunuk Ragang were having bath nearby Liwagu River. Seven of them were given a pieces of the broken magic stone (Papakang) after their father (the village headman) threw and broke it to prevent the seven brothers from arguing for the same magic stone!

Years has passes and village could not sustain its rapid growth population and in the end resulting blood feuds in the village and villagers decided to leave the Village and 6 brothers left the village and Aki Lintobon, the youngest brother (above picture shown) was left behind at the village.

- Villagers came together to bless Aki Lintobon before he leave Nunuk Ragang and searching for his other 6 brothers -

Remember I told you all about those well dressed people in various Ethnics customs? Those were them! Each person participated and present their best on the stage!

- Blessing -

Bringing the broken stone (as a link to identify and recognise his brothers) and leave the village to search for other 6 brothers.

- Sumarikayau Dance of Orang Sungei, Pitas -

Currently, when we passes by Pitas district, we could see a gigantic natural monument of Nakhodah Batu Supirak which was a gigantic ship before (Story from local folklore).

Once, Supirak (the man in above photograph which married a rich woman) together with his people on the ship was cursed after Supirak ignored his mother (who was were and same with other villagers) and deny any connection with her when he went back to his own village, he even ask his loyal people to chase his mother away. Since then, thunder and lightning was there and finally the whole crew on the ship turned in to STONE!

Since then, Nakhodah Batu Supirak became a monument to local people as a symbol and reminder that we should respect those who are elder than us.

- Manaradan Dance of the Dusun Rungus from Kudat -

Meatball told me she saw someone familiar from Kudat! Yes, to bring the real culture of Sabah, all the performers really traveled from far to make this Show a success.

- Pangalai Dayang (Suluk people of Sandakan) -

Aki Lintobon traveled over the hills, mountains and sea to search for his brothers. After he re-united with his brother one by one, they traveled together and searched for the next brother.

- Sumazau Mingjung Pisasavan (Kadazan Penampang) -

There's so much things to learn and see from the Show, I never seen the REAL KADAZAN SILAT!! Not much young generation learn about it anymore. We should be maintaining our tradition, don't we?

- Sumazau Mingjung Pisasavan (Kadazan Penampang) -

The brothers reached Penampang and they experienced the local wedding from there.

- Murut Paluan presenting Magalang, Anggalang, Magunatip -

My goodness! It's so hard to pronounce and there's so much to learn about Sabah's culture!

From there, they found the Seventh brother at Kg. Dalit, Keningau.

- Reunion of the Seven Brothers -

Finally, all the seven brothers gathered together and the broken stone pieces became one whole stone after they were reunited.

- Mission accomplishes -

For your information, I took those information from the handbook and make it in to a brief introduction as above. Without it, it's quite difficult for us to understand the whole story of Papakang. However, meatball told me that the show was okay, while the previous show presented during Sabah Fest 2010 was even better!

Overall, the show was fine except for the storyboard, it's kind of blurry, maybe it's emphasizing more on the ethnics groups and lesser on the brothers and luckily I got the handbook as reference.

The show ended perfectly with all the performers from those outskirt villages on the stage. The night was great with colours and culture. They even invited few local singers to perform few local songs to entertain the audience as a thanks in return.

- Dancing with all the performers! -

As for some audiences who leave the hall earlier they did not noticed that others who left behind enjoyed among themselves with all the performers. 

I did enjoyed myself with them in front of the stage and danced along with them. Some cheeky local folklore song that i never heard before and it's easy to learn and dance along!!

- Must snap photograph as memory BAH! -

I hope I will have the chance to enjoy the next Sabah Fest 2012's Premier Show once again and will be better than the last!!


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