Friday, May 20, 2011

A Royal Thai Dining Experience at TamNakThai Restaurant, K. K., Sabah

It is one of the well known Thai Restaurant in town for years. Heard friends and family members who keeps praise it for a long long time.

Finally, I have the chance to go there for my first visit by celebrating Meatball's besties birthday on January this year. They served varities of dishes to meet our taste buds and their service was friendly as what it stated in their menu! I like spicy and sour food! Thai styled Tom Yum is amazing! Make me sweat and wait for my next Thai restaurant in KL post! I'm craving for it again and again! Gosh =P

- TamNakThai -

The oldest Thai Restaurant in town, established since 1995.

- The Menu -

Reasonable pricing and it's also depends on those dishes we want to have.

We ordered few usual must have dishes of Thai Cuisine from any restaurant. However, we didn't ordered much the other day, just few dishes for the night.

- Green Curry Chicken, Pineapple Rice and Pandan Chicken -

Look tasty and taste good too! I'm in love of Green Curry, even I bought few packets of Green Curry paste from Cosway to fulfill my tastebuds! Nyum!

- Pineapple Rice -

The must have pineapple rice in any Thai Restaurant.

- Pandan Chicken -

Nice fragrance of pandan chicken!

- Our Dessert for the night -

I can't remember what was it called but I know it taste yummy!

Hmm~~ Thai Cuisine become my next addiction!! ;)


1st Floor, Block 5, Jalan Api Api Centre,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


088-258 328


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