Monday, May 2, 2011

Rock Climbing at Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre (SICC), Likas Youth Park, K. K., Sabah.

It was my first attempt to rock climbing on last Thursday. 

Beverly from Take Another Step (click) dated me to do so the week before. And it's quite a new activity for me as I would love to try at least once in my life for rock climbing since months ago.

Why not I have a try since it is located in town together with someone who interested on it?

- That's Beverly -

She love Rock Climbing and she did it many times. Besides, she's an instructor and her Card from SICC is different then mine. ;)

- That's me! -

Doing my second climb of the day with a little bit harder than my first. Imagine when the wall is "bumpy" and seem like a cave was there, totally using some strength to carry myself to reach higher. My gosh!

- "Walking" down to the ground -

Reached the highest and it's time to go down and to re-charge energy before the next climb... AGAIN!

Trying few times more before attempting to harder rock climbing is essential. Making myself have the guts to climb, climb and climb and don't look down, Hahaha :D just kidding, somehow we need to look down. So, be careful for those who scare of heights.

- Advanced Rock Climbing -

From what have I heard and understood, the chocolate coloured is only for those who have genuine license for rock climbing and not suitable for newbies like me.

And I observed that those walls are built from the easy ones till the advances one. Then... maybe the next time I should attempt more harder ones. Oh my~

Rock climbing is quite challenging and if possible, just free styled climbing all the way up and step any stones you can reach.
Some people will seek for the same coloured stones and it is more challenging.

Beverly taught me the correct way to tie the rope, the correct way to wear those important gadgets and the shoe was totally tight but it's normal, just take off the shoe after the climb.

- The third attempt -

It was difficult for me to climb the wall that built with cave alike design above. I almost surrender and give up in the middle of the climb and Beverly taught me which stone to step and to reach further and finally...

Yea~~~ I reach the top!!! 

Took some photographs and shared in my social network and found out that girls like to questions me about the rock climbing. "How was it?", "How much?", "Wah!! You dare to climb?" etc etc.. I also pening (dizzy) questioned by them. hahaha :D

Oh well~ I did get bumped on my knee and my forehead and got myself some small little scars might not hurt that much. Just, need to be careful more and wear longer pants if possible.

Glad you girls are interested, would ask you girls to join me if I go for rock climbing next time.

- The whole SICC view from far! -

- My registration card -

SICC is located at Likas Youth Park and just drive yourself till the end of the car park where the car wash is and we can see another junction to go in.

Rock climbing is a good stretching sports to stretch my whole body! Nice!

More more information about SICC, just click their website here (click)!

Or their Facebook page here (click)!


  1. I'd like to try this once before I die. Ha ha! I've promised my friend that we'll go there together during summer break :) can't wait!

  2. Hahaha :D Sure! Just go and climb for once!

  3. Cool and challenging activity. Hehehe. Will go someday but not now because my leg are in pain after exercise up and down the stairs for 20 times.

  4. Wow! 20times??
    Okay. Join me fOr the rock climbing in future. :)

  5. Wow congrats for reaching the top heehe. I dunno if I can climb well,, I need to exercise first before I even dare to set foot near the rock climbing area haaha.

  6. Hahaha :D it's okay bah! U can build up ur confidence there. it's been so long I din exercise since 7K run I suppose. :P n it was My first time.

    Practice more n will become better. No one is perfect at the first few times. :)

  7. I love rock climbing! My last rock climbing was in 2009- in papar, I havent tried the one in Likas. But I've gained too much weight since then, hopefully I can do it hehe.. ;) How much do we have to pay?

  8. The first time I went was RM21 including registration fee , entrance fee and gadget fee. You just click the link of SICC to know more! I fear it might be different.

    You should go and try someday. Weight is not a problem for them, I got tough guys there! haha

  9. wow this is interesting! need to be a member first? or i can join u? lol

  10. Yup! Yes, U need to become a member then U can climb those rocks.

    Yes. U can join me for rock climbing, just drop me a msg.

  11. Yup! Yes, U need to become a member then U can climb those rocks.

    Yes. U can join me for rock climbing, just drop me a msg.