Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Like My Blog? Please VOTE for IT in DiGi WWWOW Awards!!!!!

As you can see, this is my first time taking up such contest that requires click through voting by any Facebook users in the world. 

I may not be the best Blogger among others, but I tried to be one favorite blogger of yours among my friends, my loyal readers who read my blog unconditionally and to all visitors/ readers in the world. And what could I say is, you were the inspiration for me to blog more in titles such as FOODs, TRAVELS and marvelous EVENTS in town! I really really appreciate that and thank you to those who love my blog.

Dearest readers, to show your support on my blog and future posts:

Please support withinmeitzeu (click) by clicking the below -

Or VOTE for me at here -

In case you are wondering, both if them are actually the same. It's just the VOTE and SUPPORT sign. 

I know, I know~~ I may not be the "Blogger of the Year", and there's thousands of amazing Bloggers out there. I already prepared to accept the facts anyway. :D

However, I make the first move by joining it after being invited by Shin Chan and at least I know that I still have a tiny little space in this Blogsphere here with all your supports and votes. :)

Thank you for those who noticed me and love my blog posts in the past, present and future.

More amazing posts and make your eye dropped in the future!!

Contest commenced from 21 April till 20 June 2011!


  1. Voted for you already Meitzeu ;D All d best yo. btw, I'm proud to be using Digi since I got my first phone! Digi go go! haaha

  2. Thank u!
    Haha :d me too! I used digi since my 1st hp, the Nokia 3310 time. Hehe. :D

  3. Woot! I've successfully voted! Hehe..all the best yeah :)

  4. Thank u very much! You are so kind! :)

  5. Voted and good luck. Still long way to go.

  6. Thanks Wilson. Yup! Still a longgggg way to go. Just join for fun n at least I tried la.. Haha

  7. meitzeu dear, successfully voted u! :D all the best!

  8. Hi Tiara! Nice name you got there! Thank you for doing so! Hope you like my blog and thanks for voting for me! :)

  9. Meitzeu!! Voted! Good luck ya..~