Tuesday, May 10, 2011

【沙巴玩】 兰脑 : 沙巴茶园 之长屋与小屋 Fun in Sabah : Ranau - Overnight at Long Houses and Cottages of Sabah Tea Garden

Continued from our previous visiting at Sabah Tea Garden's Tea House (click) and the amazing scene of the tea plantation. We continued our short tour at their accommodation offered nearby.

- Long House of Sabah Tea Garden - 

The long house was originated by The Rungus ethnics from Kudat.

- Rungus Long House -

It originated from Rungus Ethnics and read some overview from my Mari-Mari Cultural Village visiting here (click)!

There are two traditional Rungus long houses that linked together and it could fit in 10 rooms with triple sharing beds in a room. 

- Various patterned Batik cloths hang on the roof - 

One of the long house was decorated with colourful batik cloths on the roof. From here, we can see how many rooms and how long are the long houses.

- Sharing Room with three persons in a Room at the Long House -

Suitable to those who would like to experience the village lifestyle (with basic needs) during the past (currently we still can find minority people still staying in Long Houses in rural areas) and blend in with the natural surrounding. The price offered is reasonable for those who seek for budgeted trip at Ranau area.

- Resting Place -

During the olden days, it will be a place for people to have a rest, chit chat or maybe gathered together to play traditional games.

- Ethnics of Borneo -  

One by one card boards were hanged on the wall and allow tourists to know more about our ethnics here. It's kind of good thought to let tourists to understand our beautiful culture here with one stay at the long house. Besides the overview of ethnics on those card boards, the management do hang photographs, traditional items, tools and belongings of various ethnics on the bamboos wall for guests to have a look.

- Gong -

Traditional music instrument that hang between the bamboos for guests to take photographs.

The next accommodation they offered will be :

- The Cottages -  

Cottages was newly built to meet tourists requirements whereby it will become one of the attraction to stay there. It's recommended to those who would love to stay overnight with more private space and comfortable with air- conditioned room.

- Lofty Hodges Cottage -

Each cottage has a name to represent itself and easier for guests to search for the cottage they are staying.

- Sharing Room -

The washroom was clean, the room was neat and I felt comfortable when I entered the cottage during the visiting.

- Praying Mantis -

 Guests still can see small insects and larger sized ones at Sabah Tea Garden area. Bugs such as Praying Mantis, the beetles are there too! Especially during the night, guests could listen to sound that made by those bugs nearby.

- Batik Painting Activity - 

Extra activities, entertainments and facilities offered to make guests felt comfortable and won't be bored while staying at Sabah Tea Garden. 

Furthermore, the Cultural Hall is spacy for large group of people to held groups activities or maybe team building activities. Non the lest, any activities such as cultural performance need to be discussed with the management so that they could prepare all the necessities  for the night.

Sabah Tea Garden, Ranau is quite an interesting destination to visit, experiencing the tea grading and processing, smelling the fresh tea leaves from the plantation and more...

- An Old Traditional Game -

Once again, before we leave Sabah Tea Garden, we went to the souvenir shop for some shopping. TEA!! Various kind of tea bought by us! I love the smell of Pandan and the Geranium, the tea are smooth to be consume by us with no colouring added and it's ORGANIC!!

No worry, we still can find the Original Sabah Tea around town, and as for the other flavours, not much of the outlets are selling them from what have I understood.

Well, that's my review on the accommodation and my short tour at Sabah Tea Garden. 

Will be visiting to Kg. Luanti later on...

with big fishes to be seen!!

So... I have been to Sabah Tea Garden!

How about you?

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Sabah Tea Garden, Ranau.


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