Thursday, May 12, 2011

On my Thoughts and Routines in those days while living at Liverpool City, UK.

A phrase of words that we frequently heard saying that "A picture means a thousand words.".

The statement is true that we could see all the memories no matter sad or happiness, laughter, the past, the indirect stories behind some of the photographs taken and so on.

Cut the craps. 

Back in Year 2008, I was one of the student who took up the Summer Programme Courses to further my studies at a City called Liverpool. Yes! There's where the famous Anfield Stadium with Liverpool Football Club is located.

- In the afternoon, we could see the locals were having their drinking session in most of the clubs in town. Took the photograph while we were having our lunch at Mc Donald, it's just located opposite as you can see -

Three months living abroad wasn't short, neither was long enough for us to explore the wonderful place of U.K. In short, I haven't enjoy much when I was studying there. However, I did not regret that I listened to my parents' advises by taking up the Course and before that, I was been advised by a so called "Nice Person" that not to take up the course and just complete my Professional and that's enough. 

Since I started to work at the same firm that I was trained before, a thought of mine glanced by, that everything will be DIFFERENT if only I completed my studies with an "ADVANCED DIPLOMA CUM ICSA" (and took up the last 4 external paper after completed my studies in College) and not DEGREE or vice versa. It's just a name you may say but from what had I observed, our personality will be different when we have higher educational background and different from others. Non the least, perception of others towards us will be different too. At least for now, I got both of my Degree and MAICSA Grads. and I'm feeling good for myself.

Oh my~ I think I'm getting to much on that.

Hope I won't get my readers bored, I just want to let you all know that the world out there is competitive and we need to be competent enough to have a say or at least noticed by others and stay on our ground.

- Lime Street -

Liverpool Train Station is there and I hop in to it for only once when I went to Black Pool for a short trip and  it took us almost an hour to arrive there I suppose.

Although most of the buildings around are old and well maintained in Britain and they called it as the Listed Buildings, I still love them very much and I felt comfortable when I walk by every wherever I go. With a breezy (cold) air, it's just perfect. And every places I go, the buildings, the street, the scenery, all of them really look like PHOTOGRAPHs. It's just beautiful.

- One of the Lambanana icon around town -

Back Year 2008, Liverpool is selected as the Capital of Culture and happening events going on during the Year at Liverpool! As Lambanana was the icon of Liverpool 2008 Capital of Culture and a huge one was located near too my dormitory while others (similar size like above and larger ones) were placed every where in town and I took most of them whenever I saw one.  ;D

- The usual University Hall where we were having our lectures -

- Stalls at the Market in town -

When we were lucky, we could see different kind of markets at Liverpool High Street area with different themes.

I can't remember where did I took this, maybe Church Street or maybe others. I didn't really explored each and every places in Liverpool, but luckily I visited most of the well known places over there with all my friends. :)

- Our Dinner -

We prepared dinner for ourselves and it's satisfying and each of us contributed ideas to prepare all those and I in charged with the spaghetti sauces and Mashed Potatoes (click) most of the time! Glad they love it. :)

- Liverpool China Town -

Liverpool China Town wasn't as happening as London China Town, it's a bit scary when I passes by that area along my friends to buy some Chinese canned goods (food) etc.

- A Case History -

Found the place and it's caught on my eyes when I was walking around, the usual actions we will do are snapping photographs and to keep them as memories.

 - The Cab -

There's so many cabs in town!

- Watching movie with a price of 5.20 pound -

Totally killed ourselves and it wasn't cheap with no beverage or snacks as a package. Besides, cinemas wasn't as good as ours here. It's such a bad idea to watch movies in UK. haha :D It's one of a kind experience over there.

- Marybone - 
Few of us who were staying in the same unit and it's almost the end of our semester together when we took that photo. And all of us do look different NOW!! 

I think that's enough for the day. Sharing more photographs in the future.

Till you meet my Liverpool and other experiences I had during my studies abroad.

Till then...

p/s: Do you enjoy the post?


  1. Wow Liverpool huh... I've never been overseas that far yet. Only been to Singapore, wished I could go there sometime.

    Wa they drink in the afternoon ka? Cool.

    The markets stalls, what are they selling? Looks like bar of soaps to me heehe.

    And their cabs are cute. I read that the cab drivers over there have larger brains than average people (there was a study conducted on this matter) because they have to remember a lot of streets and roads and such...

    Eniweiz, it's so cool that you traveled a lot.

  2. Hi ArmStrong, was missing your comments in the past few days!! :D

    Yea yea! Experienced the life at oversea, really fun. And no worries, I know U will have your chance travelling in d future! Just according to your budget, either it is travelling cheaper or needed higher budget. :)

    Haha :D I didn't notice it was soaps when I took d pic, they do have different kind of theme, I think once or twice in every week when I was there.

    Yea. I think they drink when the club started operating during 12pm. ;P

    Mmm.. They do have huge brain w so much info in d world! They know about KK!