Sunday, May 15, 2011

Malacca... I'm here!

Hey... Updating from Malacca!

Was here since morning, walk around Jonker Street since morning and currently having rest in the hotel room.

Malacca, a nice heritage to be seen, so much tourists walking around. It is crowded here! Even the hotel I'm currently staying is a heritage building that is meaningful and re-furnished.

Going to explore Jonker Street for another time during the evening and night, mom told us that nice good food can be found here! It's food heaven as what I've been understood from my friends. ;)

Stay tuned! ;)

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  1. I've only been to Malacca once, but I didn't found an opportunity to experience the awesomeness Jonker Street... boohooo me :(

  2. Not going to boohoo u lar...

    U will have the chance in future, no worry. Find a hotel around here and U will ‎​♥ the heritage here. It's amazing. ;P

  3. hello..coming by for the first time.. nice blog you have here.. hope you enjoyed your trip to Malacca!

  4. Hi Reanaclaire! Thanks for your compliment. :)

    Haha :D yea.. Quite having fun here in another googd way. Slow n steady life n environment here. It's nice. :)

  5. Mallaca is great place indeed. I used to study there for a year and I really like that place :)

  6. Malacca! I have friends in Malacca but I've never been there... sure would like to get there one day. Looking forward to your post about the state because I can see what places to visit there ;)

  7. Angel: Yup! It's amazing when I saw the heritages that left over, but the hot weather was crazy! My shoulder is darker than my face now!

    Armstrong: Yaya! Go there for a short trip! Make it 2 days, 1 night is enough. OKay! Will post it in future~ I still have pendings ooo~~~ Will sort it out, see how fast can I post. haha