Monday, May 30, 2011

Footsteps & Sightseeing On Red Devil (MU) and Manchester City, UK.

Happy Harvest Festival to all Sabahan! Great to have public holiday for two days here! :)

Manchester of UK. When people talks about Manchester, they certainly remember their favorite football team of Manchester United. Yea~ I know, MU loss to Barcelona. Cheer up cheer up people! There's so much matches in life! ;)

I've never regretted visiting Manchester City with all my friends during my Degree studies, however the small little thing that I regretted the most was i didn't took plenty of nice photographs along those trips I have made in UK. :(

- Us, the Malaysian group of friends trying to search for places that we shall be visiting - 
From Liverpool, UK, we bought our tickets through the transportation Company's website few nights before we leave to Manchester City for a day trip. And finally, the day has come and with 55 minutes by land we reached the City of Manchester!!  

The weather in Manchester was freezing cold when we were there (because it was raining or maybe it's their weather) and we were searching for washroom whenever we went. Besides, my hand was numb and even I took a breath and release it, I could see the air that I'm breathing out. Those were the days, it's kind of remarkable though. No wonder we always saw people holding HOT cup of Coffee in their hand! Well... I love that! :D

 - China Town Manchester - 

China Town Manchester is located few blocks away from the Bus Station. Feeling great when I saw there's more Chinese people around Manchester City.

- The City -

Standing on the ground where busy Manchester City and Manchester's train was there. It's sound funny but I saw quite a lot of Chinese whenever I look. A friend of mine told me that Manchester were crowded with Chinese because many Chinese pursue their study and work over there!

Ask me "Do I like Manchester City for a living?" The answer will be ---- YES!

 - Manchester Market -

Cheese! Meat! Pastries! My goodness! It's smell so good~

- Welcome to Manchester Art Gallery (Free entry) -

During my studies over there, we try to use less money and travel more in short, therefore, we need to budget more on trips we have made. While walking by Manchester Art Gallery and it's free entry of course we will go in there for a look!

I found out that even their washroom do look like a piece of Art. Just a piece of clear wall with few pictures and there's no door knobs to push the door. Imagine if we see it with a glances, we wouldn't know there was the washroom. Stupid me. And without hesitation, I push the door/ wall and it was the real washroom in it. -______-"

- Art piece of Chess Board -

I do love to see the set of chess board and it's inside a glassed box. Personally, I'm not really good at Chess Board Game but I like the art representing all Kings, Queens, Soldiers etc.

You know what? I saw a piece of Art type of Chess in Indian version during my KL and Malacca trip. It's in one of the Indian shop at Fahrenheit 88, KL.

- Write down your wishes on TRAVEL -

Our wishes on traveling to any part of the world shall be written on the pieces of paper and I just wondering why this lady written down their wish as "I hope to be a Rich Woman!!"

As for me - I wrote down "I wanna travel the whole world!!"

Besides, all those art pieces we seen at the Art Gallery, there's some visitors from China thought we came from China too and when I told them we were from Malaysia, studying in Liverpool, they were excited and thought Malaysia is a country of Malays, doesn't speak Chinese and there's no Chinese here.

- Hop On Hop Off on Sightseeing Manchester City -

An amount of ticket charges on our pocket money and we could just hop on and off any places (referring to the leaflet we took from Bus Station in the city) in Manchester we would like to visit! A great sightseeing indeed.

It's the fastest way to see Manchester City. haha ;D 

Oh yea~ If you manage to visit cold weather places like Manchester, I would personally recommend you not to sit on the roof of the Sightseeing Bus. I was freezing while taking photographs with my friends and we quickly walk down when the bus stopped some where. It's not a wise choice to sit there if we can't stand to cold air.

- Welcome to Manchester United! -

With the Bus that heading to Old Trafford, we reached the famous Manchester United (MU)!! It's exciting!!

- MU Museum and Tour Tickets Counter -

Visiting MU museum and tour based the time is fixed accordingly. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to join the tour due to time constrain and it will not be enough to catch the bus back to Liverpool if we were late!

- Welcome to Old Trafford -

We did a short visit on some of the open area for visitors like us and I bought some goodies from their Souvenirs Shop.

After our visiting to Manchester City, based on high proposal from Malaysian students, our University decided to plan and bring students who bought tour tickets offered from our University to experience football match held at MU! Neh~ I didn't go. :'( Such a waste.

- The United Trinity -

Snapping photographs outside the building and we gonna catch the next Sightseeing Bus for the next sightseeing destinations and back to the City to catch our Long Distance Bus back to Liverpool! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!

- Kelloggs, Manchester, UK -

Cornflakes anyone? There's so much huge factories and outlets in Manchester. Mark and Spencers, Krispy Creme etc etc..

- Hard Rock Cafe -

We were back to the City and did a short walk on shopping and photography as a remembrance.

- Eye On Manchester in the Middle of the Crowded City -

Marry Go Round and round and round.

- Left or Right or Further? -

- People in the City -

I don't know what was that all about. That's so much different kind of people with different style and purpose.

- Limousine -

There's a graduand in the Limousine with a glass of drink of her hand. Guess, she was excited about the whole convocation held at nearby and her success. ;D Their Gown and their fluffy hoods are so cute!

- I'm standing on the ground of Piccadilly, Manchester -

*Shout* It's time to run back to the Bus Station!! Time is not enough!!

- The Long Distance Bus Station -

Luckily the Bus Station was near and we manage to walk faster and reached their on the very last minute! It's tiring but it's fun to experience those with friends. :)

- Manchester -

Great sightseeing and visiting to Manchester of UK even though I didn't see the whole city yet.

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