Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of My Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2011 - K.L., Malacca and K.L.!

I got a feeling that people always wondering why I keeps talking about destinations of Malaysia. ;)

I really hope that my life is full of laughter and continuous excitement and travels and I knew that it's impossible for a person to have such a life, unless they got the ability in generating continuous inflow of income into their pockets.

Oh well.... My holidays ended on the this Wednesday, 18th May, 2011. Take a break from work was a great energy charger and back to work was overloaded with pending jobs to be settled! 

Back to the fun part! It's such a BOOM with various delicacies, tempting foodies on my trip with both of my parents and sister. Totally NYUMNYUMNYUM! Luckily I walked so much during the trip and I gained 0 - 1kg. :D

- Nyonya Colours, Mid Valley Megamall, KL -

Such a freaking scary holiday trip that you will be wondering in the future when I'm posting new posts for this Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2011.

My uncle was listening to my conversation with my mom's staff at shop today when both of us were clicking through all my 600++ photographs and he said "My goodness! How many restaurants did you went there?". The whole list of foodies are OMG!

- Graduation Ceremony at Sime Darby Convention Centre, KL -

Where I finally reaches the huge step on my career and as a starting point to walk further to reach the next.

- Small gathering with friends at Sushi Tei, Pavilion KL after years of graduating from Degree and Advanced Diploma -

Good to see them once again, even though it was a small gathering with a few friends. At least, I still have a little space in them and they made it. :)

- Chatime-ing at Pavilion KL -

Got a few sips when they brought me to Chatime, the hot topic of KL now-a-days and manage to grab a glass when my tummy feeling better.

- Durian Cendol from Jonker 88, Malacca -

The best Durian Cendol I had from Jonker 88! I love West Malaysia Cendol and I had almost 10 bowls in this trip!

In deed, Malacca is a great place to be explored if you love heritage and historical destinations to be understood. One thing we must do when we go to Malacca - We must apply Sunblock on our skin! The Sun is a poison, my shoulder and arm are darker than my face now!!!!

- Christ Church Melaka, Malacca -

It's really hard to get a nice photographs with nice background. -_____-

Hehe ;P I love my new Nerdie Spectacle.

- Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant, Jonker Street, Malacca serving Nyonya Cuisine -

Friends told me that Malacca is full with delicious delicacies that could make us eat until puke. And YES, it does and my dad LOVE MALACCA! He wanted to go back for 2 days 1 night trip again! He love the foods there and he complaint my mom brought him eat that much. LOL

Must try famous delicacies of local restaurant at each destination we went! That's one my must do thing during my trips at any places. 

- Celadon, Royal Thai Cuisine at Pavilion KL -

Had the best Thai Cuisine so far on that trip in comparison with others I tried before! And I miss it very much and same as my mom.

- Tom Yum from Celadon, Royal Thai Cuisine -

Imagine the fresh oyster, scallop, squid and the hot and saliva drooling Tom Yum taste and fragrance. *Slurp*

Going to end here and stay tuned for my food and travel for this Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2011 lah!

Till then...


  1. *To, your uncle: Hi 5!*

    .....because....I wanted to say something similar.....

    Gosh! Just how many restaurant have you visited? Ha ha!

  2. LOLzzz ;D

    High 5 **

    Haha ;D I calculated the no. of restaurant.... it's more than 15 in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Imagine.. MY GOODNESSS!!

  3. Melaka or Malacca, the UNESCO World Heritage. Its been a long time since i last went there, cant really remember went was it. But it is surely a good start to get to know Malaysian History :)