Saturday, April 2, 2011

When Majolica Majorca meet Kate!

Hello Majo! Hell Kate!

;) *wink*

Bought both of the brands make up products from my shopping last week! Few of them have good deals too!  

 Majolica Marjoca's offers lovely & sweet as candies colours that catches my eye!

BTW, the mascara above is my second Majo's mascara since the previous one (Lash Expander Frame Plus - with fibers) almost ended it's life before Lash Enamel Glamorous Volume (Watson - RM45.90) became another baby in my make up box. Application of the mascara defines my eyelashes even better than some brands and in a great way just like the blue colour sticker shown on the box! NON SMUDGING makes me wanted to stay with it.

Jeweling Eyes, eye shadow looks gorgeous in shimmering pinks and purple! 

And the new series of Sugary Trap is gorgeous too! Just like barbie and candies!! :)

And Kate offer eye shadows that are more cool and darker in colour and nail colours are easily applied.

I love both of them when both of their colours could keep their colours on since morning or for the whole evening! Shimmer shimmer I like.


  1. babe, use the make up and then show me!! hehehehe

  2. Okok! Use it the other night. But, i forgot to took pic! it's so nice ler... the more u apply, the darker and long!!

  3. normally mascara is like this de mar... the Sugary Trap is it blusher? or also eye shadow aa???

  4. U also say normally mah~~Google search for Sugary Trap. Series.

  5. OMG!! Whr did u buy??? I wan new mascara!! >.<

  6. have seen this brand before never bought any, probably will try the mascara.

  7. Beverly - I bought the mascara from Watson, 1 Borneo! Got few types of mascara for the Brand with different function! We only got black and choc in KK, and my sis's friend told me she bought Red colour from HK and look nice too!

    Nava K - You should. It's easy to apply. :)