Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011 in addition with Malaysia's Flag Somehow.

I think the world had witnesses the amazing and perfect wedding of the century and so am I.

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate!

On 29.04.2011 during office hour, my colleagues told me that it was the day where the Royal Wedding was held and by 5.00pm straight (Malaysia time), they watched the live broadcast through the internet while the  guests of Royal Wedding arrived. I wasn't that excited at first, however I think I have been influenced and I watched a short scene with them and amazed by the Royal Church before I go home and continued to watch the live broadcast royal wedding through the television.

In case some of you, Malaysian didn't notice about this :

Did you see what I have see?

Our Malaysia's flag was clearly seen just behind the interviewed person. I was wondering why did I saw something familiar while in the middle of the show.

LOLzz! I suppose was visitors or students who studies abroad was there to witness the great day! Besides, Malaysia's flag waving there, there were other countries' flags too (been told by a friend of mine), but I didn't really saw those.

Here are some photographs that I snap directly from the television (Rather snap directly and not googled) :

- The Belated Princess Diana was beautiful -

- The Previous Royal Wedding Kiss of Princess Diana at the Balcony -

and finally...

- The Royal Wedding Kiss of Prince William and Kate at the Balcony -

witnessed by all the people who were there!

The Second royal wedding kiss. It's such a dreamy day as we seen in fairy tale story. 

The real Prince Charming and Elegant Princess.

Photo from The Huffington Post (click) for Royal Wedding Kiss 2011.


Ladies love to have perfect wedding with the right person...

but in real life... how many were actually have their perfect?


  1. Oh I see.. I saw Japan flag in in the broadcast and I was like "Isn't that a Japan flag?!" lol! It turns out that Malaysian flag is in it too. I guess there are flags from other countries at the wedding. ;)

  2. yup! I think they were students or tourists who were there! Joining the crowd!

  3. I am officially Kate's fan since yesterday LOL.

    btw,I saw the Malaysian flag too. I'm proud but feel it's kinda funny too. I didn't see any other Asian flags there.

  4. LOlzz! I think should be those Malaysian who were studying abroad bah!! My friend says she saw other countries' flag too. But, not as noticed like us. Just behind the live broadcast area.

  5. How many of us are really with a perfect person.

  6. haha, seriously, i saw that too. a very big m'sia flag. LOL!

  7. yes. indeed! Was waving thru the live broadcast and it's funny!