Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rice Wine Roll from Restaurant Syn Syn (新新茶室), Inanam, K. K., Sabah

Note : The Rice Wine Roll has been moved to Damai.

As usual, my Saturday will be free and going to my mom's shop to help them out. It won't be busy the whole day and sometimes went off to go for shopping or assisting groups of tourists with THP

By sitting here doing nothing now, its better to write something that I had and found it quite tasty for a tea session during afternoon or evening time.

Tits bites from Syn Syn Restaurant, KK Taipan, Inanam. Those tarts and other tits bites selling there are originally from Sandakan, where all the good food can be found!

- UFO Tart (RM1.20) -

- Rice Wine Roll (RM1.20) -

Those tarts were bought by Meatball and it's UFO tart a.k.a "Cow Dung Tart" 牛屎挞 in Chinese which looks like cow dung but in yellowish yummy cream. And Rice Wine Roll with Chicken Filling!

Those tits bites selling there are freshly bake daily, which is a good thing and even though both of the tarts and roll are left for a while and not served hot, the Rice Wine Roll still have wonderful taste for a person like me who ‎​♥ food to be served hot. :P

It's hard to explain the location of the restaurant. It's located at the same row with KFC with an ordinary design of typical coffee shop. Besides, I saw they serve Wild Boar Rice too! And wild boar are called Sinalau Bakas in local language! Bear in mind when you come across the word while having trip in Sabah! ;)


KK Taipan, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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  2. the tart surely look tasty and yummy.

  3. Yup! It's tasty and same as the rice wine roll. ;)

  4. I've been looking in kk for those ufo tarts forever. Thanks for the info

  5. I heard this shop is no longer open. Is it true??