Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meeting my 8th and 9th Snake at Sunday Market, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I think it was long time ago since my last visit to the Sunday Market at Gaya Street.

Was catching up with few tourists and a friend of meatball (my elder sister) at Gaya Street last Sunday and we have promised the night before while thinking of taking some photographs as my inspiration for my later posts.

Towards the end of Gaya Street where the Pocket Park is located, I saw something fishy~~~

Something familiar that the man was holding. Hmm...

It was SNAKES!!! And it was three of them! Huge, Mid sized and a small one.

People were just standing there and looking at those snake beside and those that the owner were holding. It was my fourth attempts in Kota Kinabalu and it was my chance to take photo without wasting my time while others only standing there watching like an exhibition held.

It wasn't my first photograph with snakes and definitely (I hope) will not be my last photo shoot with snakes.

Was trying to reach a record of taking and collecting photographs with 50 snakes or more (if possible) in my lifetime.

A little excited when I saw it and to keep my words, I paid RM10.00 for one Polaroid photo, not a perfect one! The snake I'm holding above was too naughty, it's can't stop riddling from my front and over my hat and neck! 

The nice owner allow us to take some more photographs with my own camera. :)

The wrong facial expression of mine with my 8th and 9th snake (the 8th and 9th snake I'm holding personally!).

The locals and the tourists standing there was wondering and took some photos of mine. LOLzz!

And do you know what did the owner do?

He put another small one on top of the middle sized snake I'm holding! The one nearest to my face with a size of my two finger putting together.

Okay~ That's all for the day and my mom was standing far away... She is fear of snakes!

The huge and long one at the side saying "Bye Bye" to you all.


p/s: Browsing through my old photos and I realise that I took photos with three snakes at Snake Temple, Penang and not two!

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Sunday Market (Gaya Street), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. Wah! U so brave ar meitzeu.. I never handle snake before.. I've thought of doing so, but wo bu gan..haha

  2. LOL! You should try it at least once in your life time! Be sure the snake is okay! Try Green Connection for your first one, they tied the snake mouth already now a days. ;)

  3. Since when we have snakes at Gaya Street?! :P

  4. Well~ I think you were like me, didn't visit Gaya Street for a long long time. :D