Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lunch at Masarap Filipino Cuisine, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Searching different kind of cuisine in town when we already get bored with Chinese and Western Food.

It was my second attempt for Philippine cuisine at the Philippine Restaurant in KK town. And at my first attempt on their lunch menu, I'm amazed that the way they cook and taste similar with my dad's cooking and meatball thinks the same way too. I was laughing all the way while I'm having my "dad's" cooking. :D

Especially, their fried noodles and fried rice which contains so much garlic, and that's makes both of their taste were the same. Sometime, even the flavour of fried meat are the same.  

- Masarap Filipino Cuisine - 

Told my dad and mom about that and dad told us he learned their cooking style by adding more garlic in to the fried noodles and rice so that it' smells good! No wonder both of them taste similar!

By the way, the staff working there are mostly/ all Philippines, which makes us feeling like one?

- Set Lunch Menu -

I'm working at Lintas area, therefore will visit Masarap for lunch once in a while.

- Iced Calamansi -

It's refreshing indeed and taste sweet and sour with plum. I like!

Their set lunch are as follow which I forgot what were they. As I could remember, their fried rice was nice, but not in a large portion. It cost reasonable that only with RM9.00 or RM10.00 include Calamansi or Ice Lemon Tea. Their pork taste good!

My colleague had their grilled chicken which we think the chef was overcooked it the other day. 

Their dessert is a must try!

Remember the above photograph of the dessert with mango fillings!

 I think they have a reasonable pricing in their menu and I found out that they serve afternoon tea session too with breads, coffees, egg tarts and more. Should try it some day.

- Crispy Pata (Fried Whole Pork Leg) -

They served whole pork leg which is famous in their country and it is tempting!

FYI, I heard that the owner personally will sing one or two songs a.k.a Karaoke with friends and let their guests enjoy their dinner during the night. :)


Lintas Square. 
We could saw their huge signboard with two level lots when we passes by the roadway!


  1. I ate there a few times before! I love their dessert! Yum!!

  2. Never try philipines cuisine before.. Going to go and try one day.. ^^

  3. mm! Yea! Must try all kind of food! And enjoy ourselves while we still can.

  4. My favourite is chicken adobo. Masarap talaga!

  5. plenty of places to eat at KK now compared to the time I visited some time back.

    This is so great for ppl here.

  6. Hmm~~ Should I say it's just too much restaurants that we don't know where could us start with? Or.. no good directories for nice foods? hehehe ;)

  7. hi morning. I wanna ask about this Masarap Restaurant which moved already. Do u know where they moved to?