Sunday, April 3, 2011

【沙巴游】 亚庇 - 旧街游 Fun in Sabah : K K Heritage Walk - Malaysia Monument and North Borneo War Memorial

Continued our journey from Independence Field and Atkinson Clock Tower.

For most of us who born in Kota Kinabalu, we do not have such an opportunity to understand more about our town. Furthermore, we only passes by and would not purposely drive to those places to take our photographs  and we only can understand more about them with tour guides and parents who explain and talk about their experience to us.

We passed by Gaya Street, the famous Sunday market which only crowded with sellers that selling cheap items, artistic things, souvenirs etc only on Sunday (A tourist spot must go).

- Malaysia Monument (马来西亚建园纪念)-

Malaysia Monument is to commemorate the Independence of Sabah and the joining of the Federation of Malaysia on 16th September, 1963. In other words, Sabah was independence on that  day and it's still in our heart. My parents told few of us sisters that when they were a child, they witnessed the celebration on that day and same to other parents who born years before.

It's located next to our City Council building. Grace Leong explained to us about the Monument and the Chinese Phrase that written from right to the left. In the olden days, Chinese phrase were read from the right to the left and we noticed that the same Chinese writing from right to the left are still hanging on the sighboards at few of the old shops in town. 
 The next destination -

We walked to our City Council  and listened about the the past until today. It was formally called Sanitary Council which first started by Atkinson. Besides, we were lucky that we have the FIRST STAMP from the City Council on our guide booklet as a remembrance for K K Heritage Walk on Saturday (weekend), which the City Council only operates during the weekdays (five days works!). :D

- North Borneo War Memorial unveiled on 8th May, 1932 -

It's located at the opposite of City Council building. It was to commemorate the 13 soldiers who lose their lives our of the 79 from North Borneo who enlisted in the British Forces during World War I. Such a sad and touching real stories that I listened from Grace Leong, she manage to meet one of the Soldier who came to Borneo back then during her trip at oversea. I guess that's why she's passionate about our K K Heritage.

- The Memorial at Dunlop Street before unveiling on 8th May, 1932 - 

- In memory of those men who sacrifices for Borneo -

- In memory of those men of The Australian Armed Forces -

Three plaques was added on three side of the Memorial.

A phrase to be remembered - "Your Sacrifice, Our Heritage".

Continued my K K Heritage on the coming post.

Till then...

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