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【沙巴游】 亚庇 - 旧街游 Fun in Sabah : K K Heritage Walk - Bond Street & Dunlop Street (Gaya Street), Sabah Tourism Building and Australia Place

Continued our KK Heritage Walk from Malaysia Monument and North Borneo War Memorial.

We walked to the first street in Kota Kinabalu - Bond Street and Dunlop Street, which been renamed to Gaya Street after our independence.

Standing at the other end of the Gaya Street (Formerly known as Dunlop Street). We listened the history of Bond Street and Dunlop Street explained by Grace Leong.


Translation : Weekly Street Fair at Gaya Street. Only on Sunday from 5.30am to 1.00pm.

Gaya Street will turn into a Street Fair whereby sellers will be selling different kind of things from foods, coffees, fishes, toys and more! Non the least souvenirs for tourists to bring back to there country. Is a must go place for tourists when they are in town during the weekend.And the whole city area will be crowded with locals and tourists.

- Gaya Street -

When we walked further, we shall see the two blocks of shophouses built in the 1950's  which still remained the same. And normally, my mom will go to few of the shops there to purchase her Chinese New Years goodies which supermarket does not sell.

- Jesselton Hotel -

Everyone of us participated the treasure hunting and we gathered together at the lobby of the Hotel after we found the TREASURE! The first person who found it must run quickly to the hotel which located the  forefront of Gaya Street (the other end) of Gaya Street and tour guide will be waiting for us there and the winner will got him/ herself a souvenir! (I got my second stamp here!)

- Lunch at Bella Italia - 

A another hot topic in town! Read my post about my Cozy Dinner at Bella Italia!

Gaya Street is like a park-like area where a lot of old shops and hotels are there and the roadway are different than others.

Furthermore, Jesselton Hotel was the first post-war modern hotel located in Dunlop Street (Gaya Street) and luckily it's still there and well maintained by the owners. The hotel have an image of premier "boutique" hotel with a colonial environment. For guests who stays in the hotel, they will see staffs who wear colonial attires and there is a English Cab as a transportation which still working parked in front of the hotel!! Besides, famous person includes Pope Paul II and boxer Mohamed Ali was staying there before.

We walked further and our next place will be -

-  Sabah Tourism Building -

It is a Historical Building which was formerly The Post Office/ Bank building before the war and Sabah Tourism Board (STB) moved into the building on 10th November, 1990. Visitors who have queries about Kota Kinabalu and Sabah may drop by to STB to ask for assistance, the counter  personnel will assist you on all your queries.

I got my third stamp at Sabah Tourism Board!! And one more to go!

After we have completed visiting to STB, we went off and walked a few street to the next heritage.

- Kota Kinabalu Community Centre -

Located at Australian Place. We reached one of the old building built 1958 which used for many historical events and have been refurnished to a better one.

Saw the amazing wall with beautiful photograph above? (The gate was closed and I can't take a nice photograph with it.) It's "The Story of Kota Kinabalu" which formerly known as Jesselton. Saw the white building at the left? It's our current Sabah Tourism Board and Kota Kinabalu is built on reclaim land in the olden days. It's amazing how K. K. evolved when we think if it.

- Historical Kota Kinabalu Community Centre -

It's history was written on it. Must read it when we have the chance!

- Australian Place -

Where the Australian Liberation Forces used the site for their camp when they landed in 1945.

Walking around Australian which only have two buildings. Now a days, we can see most of it are printing company and backpacker lodge. Thus, we have no idea why there's many printing shop there when we been asked. Maybe... a nice location for them??

When we walked to the other end of those building, we shall see an Army patterned building.

And we shall wait for my next entry about KK Heritage Walk!

Stay tuned!!

 Till then...

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for KK Heritage Walk.

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