Friday, April 8, 2011

I felt like a Sucker after I watched Sucker Punch. =_="

The music in it was sexy and nice to listen.

Graphics was great, girls was pretty, but the story board was confusing and sometime pointless and make us feels like SUCKER. *sigh* Was hoping friends to leave the cinema in the middle of the movie, but it cost us RM10.00 for the ticket. (What to do? Just complete the movie and we leave the cinema feeling sucks.)

Few of us were watching the movie last week which one of my sister friend who told them that the movie was GREAT and I'm confuse with the indirect meaning of the movie while the movie goes on.

Suddenly, it's like a Ninja movie. Suddenly, i Robot. Suddenly, they were in to war. It like 3D. I don't know.

I agreed with the imagination Baby Doll imagined. But, how come like that?

However, in the end it make us realise that we should do great things and strive for the best in life. Do what we have to do and so on...