Saturday, April 23, 2011

【生活点滴】 Updates : Dear Taiwan... I'm going to visit you soon... :)

As you can see... Taiwan will be my next oversea trip on this coming August.

I surfed the internet about their weather forecast, seems like it will be a rainy season but I heard from my sister's friend, who has a boss who frequently travels to Taiwan, that it will be cold by then and not really rainy season.

6 of us (Myself, my elder sis (meatball) and her friends) + 2 or 4 friends from Singapore will be exploring Taiwan!

When the days passes by, the more excited we are.

W dated few of us who were in town to discuss about our trip. The hotel, the food, the streets, the shopping mall, the places and more. The funny thing was... I think we can't make it to all those places within 7 or 8 days in different areas. Taiwan is large for us to discover it within such a short period, we can visit the the North? The East or the West? How?

Another friend of my sister bought some magazines and directories for our trip. Wow! Taiwan got so much to eat eh... So many places to visit that we don't know where can we start with. :P

Taipei 101, Hello Kitty Sweet House, The Ninth Street, Ah Chung Noodles, Branded, Ice Creams... Aiyoyo... Don't know what else.
Hope I won't get broke after that. :D

The books, the magazines, the booklets, the brochures and must do list!

I read the book and found out that it's kind of exciting to get to visit other country.

Non the least, THE MAP!!!!!

Oh yea~~ Taiwan, we are going to visit you soon. Hope you treat us well.

Dear knowledgeable Readers, any advise for me while I'm leaving to Taiwan?


  1. Taiwan!
    Ok I am so jealous haaha. Why didn't you girls go South Korea?

  2. haha. :D I guess not this time.
    May be in future. Slowly traveling to expensive places and low cost places.
    Need to budget a bit oo~~

  3. never been to taiwan before.. oh, i wish i can plan something for my holidays soon!

  4. Yea! Plan it! For employee like us, we opt for budgeted 1st! Either travelling near or far! Plan plan plan! Fast plan! Will be waiting your new post!