Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cozy Dinner at Bella Italia Restaurant, The Jesselton Hotel, K. K., Sabah

Me and meatball (my elder sister) planned to pay for the bills for the dinner with our parents at Bella Italia the other night and that would be my first dinner at the cozy restaurant.

Located at down town of Kota Kinabalu, we could see the Restaurant is with the same building of The Jesselton Hotel. Heard by words of mouth from friends that Bella Italia are getting better now a days and read their Facebook Page that they planned and held happening events there. Furthermore, the environment and food served was great since the restaurant has been renovated.

All kinds of new concepts events and parties are held there and it's makes me wanted to go there for a try!

- The Logo of Bella Italia Restaurant -

It's raining outside while we were having our dinner.

Remember my entry about Earth Hour 2011 which I posted? Just click the Italic font and you will enjoy it like I did on 26th March, 2011. :)

Oh yea~~ Before I forget, there's another point that make me and my sister wanted to go there for dinner was the 50% Pizza and Pasta from 5.00pm to 7.00pm!

- Golden Dream -

Had it for the first time, I think it have a mixture of Orange Juice, Alcohol and others. It was toooOoo sweet!! Me no like, me add plain water to reduce the sweetness.

- Pizza with selected toppings -

We chosed Pepperoni (RM3.00) and Vegetables (RM2.00) which both of them cost differently. Besides P & V, they offer other toppings too! Prices for toppings are based on our selection.

- Pasta -

I love pasta! We had Beef Lasagna and Linguine for the night and shared among us. Both of the pasta was yummy with cheese and beef. *Slurp**

- Beef Linguine -

- Beef Lasagna -

Once I bake Lasagna for my family and T's family to have a try... It taste good but I failed with the white cream that I wanted to do myself and in the end, I think I bought white cream sauce from the supermarket and added it to the home made Lasagna. :P

To have the original flavoured pasta, of course we have to go to the Italian Restaurant to have the best one.

- Hainanese Chicken Rice -

My dad does not favour Italian food with flour and he had Hainanese Chicken Rice which is one of the recommended dish of the Restaurant. The Chicken Rice taste great and it's taste similar with the one that my mom had it during her 20's or 30's. :D

The surrounding of Bella Italia Restaurant. Looks and feel comfortable sitting there, try imagine drinking a cup of coffee and cakes or biscuits there. Mmm~~~ Lovely feel!

Dinner for the night cost about RM150 for four of us. 

Satisfying dinner indeed. ;)

By the way, they serve lunch too! Go there to have a try when you are in town!

Jesselton Hotel, #69 Jalan Gaya, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Website: click here!


  1. I want the chicken rice, not all the rest, Malaysian food is what I love most.

  2. everytime food...malaysian love to eat a lot

  3. LOLzzzz! :D KK not much thing to do, besides food. haha :D

    And we have to try different kind of food in life. ;P

  4. I would definitely go to their pizza and pasta time soon!

    Yes, they serve great food and I must say very generous in quantity. I and bf didn't finish all the food because they were served in a big amount! Enough for 5 people! Next time we go, we will order only two dishes.

  5. Yea! Good to know. If I had the lasagna alone, It would be too full for me. And I saw lunch about baked Eggplant on other blogger review, I'm so want to have it! Yummy!!