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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011 in addition with Malaysia's Flag Somehow.

I think the world had witnesses the amazing and perfect wedding of the century and so am I.

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate!

On 29.04.2011 during office hour, my colleagues told me that it was the day where the Royal Wedding was held and by 5.00pm straight (Malaysia time), they watched the live broadcast through the internet while the  guests of Royal Wedding arrived. I wasn't that excited at first, however I think I have been influenced and I watched a short scene with them and amazed by the Royal Church before I go home and continued to watch the live broadcast royal wedding through the television.

In case some of you, Malaysian didn't notice about this :

Did you see what I have see?

Our Malaysia's flag was clearly seen just behind the interviewed person. I was wondering why did I saw something familiar while in the middle of the show.

LOLzz! I suppose was visitors or students who studies abroad was there to witness the great day! Besides, Malaysia's flag waving there, there were other countries' flags too (been told by a friend of mine), but I didn't really saw those.

Here are some photographs that I snap directly from the television (Rather snap directly and not googled) :

- The Belated Princess Diana was beautiful -

- The Previous Royal Wedding Kiss of Princess Diana at the Balcony -

and finally...

- The Royal Wedding Kiss of Prince William and Kate at the Balcony -

witnessed by all the people who were there!

The Second royal wedding kiss. It's such a dreamy day as we seen in fairy tale story. 

The real Prince Charming and Elegant Princess.

Photo from The Huffington Post (click) for Royal Wedding Kiss 2011.


Ladies love to have perfect wedding with the right person...

but in real life... how many were actually have their perfect?

Friday, April 29, 2011

【沙巴游】 亚庇 - 鱼巴刹 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - The Fish Market

Was touring with few tourists around K.K. area the other day.

Mr. G (who love Sabah and came for trips almost every year) requested to bring his friends to our local fish market and experiencing different kind of local "scenery" in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

As for Sabahan, we will be asking "Why do those tourists visit such a place?" 

or even says "What lah those tourists, these kind of smelly place they also like to snap photos.

The answer will be 

" They can't see such an amazing scene at their town and they LOVE it."

And luckily our local fish market have thousand of fishes to be seen and photographs by the tourists during our visiting! 

From what have I see... for the first time I saw so much fishes in huge and small sizes and even deep sea fishes, prawns, crabs and others laid at all the fish stalls.

Yup! I saw the huge sting ray outside the main entrance of the fish market. It was HUGE totally!

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for local Wet Market in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

【沙巴游】 兰脑 : 沙巴茶园 Fun in Sabah : Ranau - Taste of Sabah at Sabah Tea Garden

More than Tea... You'll See

After a maximum of three (3) and a 1/2 (half) hours journey with Tourist Bus by land, we reached our destination -

Sabah Tea Garden

 And before that,

 We went all the way from Kota Kinabalu and we dropped by at an Orchids Farm/ Stall selling various kind of species of Orchids. My parents who love planting requested the bus to stop over and bought few types of Orchids as an addition to their Orchids Garden behind the house.

Those Orchids plants sold were not bloom yet. However, the price can cost until over RM100.00 and it depends on the species we would like to purchase!

Continued our journey further...

- View from the Tea House -

And finally we reached our destination - Sabah Tea Garden (click). 

At the first sight, we could see the Tea Cultivation through out the window while we were entering the main entrance of the Tea Garden, the tea cultivation covers most of the hills/ valley over there.

It's amazing when I see such a wonderful scenery.

 By the time we reached, it was time for lunch, few snaps of photographs and we went for our lunch at the Tea House.

 Although from far we saw the House seems ordinary, however by the time I entered and sit at a side, it seems extraordinary with an amazing scene and experiencing a little imagination with those photographs hang around (Imagined about our Borneo History, the Origin of and adventures at Tea Garden and more!).

- A photo of me at Sabah Tea Garden - 

A climate at Sabah Tea was warm during our visiting, for sure it will be better with breezy air during the sunrise and during the evening.

- Sandakan - Ranau Death March -

 Remember my KK Heritage posts? - A Guide to KK Heritage Walk.
Part of the history was laid here and more in depth stories about the history and newspaper cutting of current action taken to commemorate the past can be read from the booth and photographs on  the wall outside the souvenirs shop.

- Lest We Forget -

- Grading of Tea -

- Part of the Tea Garden that I took from the Tea House of Sabah Tea Garden -

It's amazing to see such Tea Garden in Sabah. I like! Saw those combined colour of greens? The lighter green leavens will be the young tea leaves and those will be pluck for tea production and other productions at the Tea Factory.

 - Organic Sabah Tea -

A must have when we visit Sabah Tea Garden, when we saw the word "Tea" at the Tea House are all made of Sabah Tea! My dad who went to Sabah Tea Garden before told us about the specialty of their tea and Sabah Tea is GOOD! Taste different from Ordinary Tea and won't feet uncomfortable after drinking too much.

Besides, brewing method is another must know method to make a cup of aromatic Sabah Tea Drink.

From the information I heard and saw, Sabah Tea Plantation have their own Tea Factory which only operates from Monday to Sunday and unfortunately, I went their during Public Holiday  (which they will be closed) and we didn't saw the processes of tea manufacturing and learning the brewing method or the grades of teas.

- Sabah Tea Chicken Soup - 

The aroma of tea leaves within the sipped chicken soup taste delicious and extraordinary. I tried it for the first time and I found it quite interesting to have tea aroma inside the soup.

 - Sabah Tea Butter Prawn -

The prawns served taste good with chopped tea leaves!

- Ginger Tea -

My mom caught cold while we were on our way to Ranau area and she had Ginger Tea to make her felt relieve.

- The Menu -

Besides those recommended above, we had Mixed Vegetables and Lemon Chicken, all ingredients were fresh and even the mixed vegetables taste sweet. As a conclusion, the presentation of the dishes served was well presented.

A satisfying lunch indeed for two tables of us.

Pricing stated are reasonable at such tourist spot here. It's normal to see similar prices around here.

By the way, they served Sabah Tea Pancake too! I didn't have a taste of it, how unfortunately and I would love to try it in the future.

- What We Do, We Carry Through - 
(Motto of S.M. All Saints)

A short walk around the Tea House and the Souvenir Shop and look what have I snapped! 

I saw my Ex- Secondary School's souvenir as a token of appreciation to Sabah Tea since years ago and it was a bit dusty, I assumed that it's quite a long time ago they have been there.

- Packaged Tea Bags of Sabah Tea -

- Various Flavour of Tea -

Visited the Souvenirs Shop which selling various kinds of products from Chocolates and Tea Cookies which I had it for the first time and it have much aromatic tea flavour in it, packaged tea bags and packaged processes tea leaves of various flavour of teas. Flavour such as Ginger, Cinnamon, Tongkat Ali, Pandan, Geranium and non the least THE ORIGINAL flavour!

For your information, Original Sabah Tea could be widely found anywhere in town and as for other special flavour, cookies and even chocolates, it will only be sold in selected outlets or souvenirs shops in town.

Beside visiting the Tea Garden, Tea Factory, Souvenirs Shop and having delicious lunch at their Tea House, Sabah Tea Garden offers various activities/ adventures and overnight packages that will not bored their guests who stay there.

There's more in coming post! Stay tuned!

Till then...

Website : Sabah Tea Garden (click here)!

Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Sabah Tea Garden, Ranau.

Monday, April 25, 2011

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 - 法国菜 E 'delizioso! GRAZIE Ristorante (Italian Restaurant), K. K., Sabah

Located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, a warm and cozy atmosphered Italian Restaurant is there serving one of the finest Italian Food in town.

- Grazie -

It wasn't my first dined in the restaurant, I still remembered that I was there for the first time because of an invitation by Stephanie when I need some "air" and my second was with my family and their friends for dinner. Besides going to Little Italy, why don't we go to GRAZIE for a change. And changes turned out to be great for them too. :)

- The Bar -

Wines and Liquor for the night.

- The Menu -

Everything was nice. The food served, the services and the atmosphere which give us a relaxing feel.

The first time was good with a glass of wine and the second time was even better when we shared all the dishes ordered among more than five of us.

- Ice Lemon Tea -

Even their Ice Lemon Tea taste refreshing.

My second visit was bringing my newly bought Canon G12 together while snapping photographs for that night and it might not be perfect as you can see.

All the food we had was fine and scrumptious! A must try place in town with friendly owner Salvatore Marcello there.

- Hawaiana Pizza -

It's Hawaiian Pizza with Onions, Pineapples, Beef bacon, tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese.

- Beef Lasagna -

The mouth watering creamy sauce and minced beef.

- Vegetariana Pizza -

I personally love this one with all the vegetables in it and even meatball love it!

- The satisfying dinner of ours -

My parents' friends from West Malaysia who traveled many parts of the world love the dishes served there.

And as for the price stated in the menu, it was reasonable and worth for every cents we paid.

- Tiramisu Cake -

A slice of Tiramisu Cake was heavenly. It was moist and have a wonderful flavour. It's a must try and make me felt in love.

 - Fantasia di Maria -

 It's actually a Chocolate Pudding which served hot (freshly baked from the oven and I saw them baking it at the kitchen!) and be careful of the hot bowl of chocolate! Meatball keeps on emphasizing how it feels like when she had her hot chocolate pudding before we went there. It's better to share among few of us for the first time, or else we will felt uncomfortable with the 100% chocolate in it.

And my final thought is Dessert is a must try when we are going to Grazie for dinner or even lunch.

 A place to chill with glasses of wine through the night, anyone?

Lot 2-1-30G, Ground Floor,
Level 1, Wawasan Plaza,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
We could see the Italian Restaurant from the roadway and it's located next to Tang Dynasty Hotel.

Website: click here!

Blogspot: click here!

* Dinner with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Grazie Ristorante, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

【生活点滴】 Updates : Dear Taiwan... I'm going to visit you soon... :)

As you can see... Taiwan will be my next oversea trip on this coming August.

I surfed the internet about their weather forecast, seems like it will be a rainy season but I heard from my sister's friend, who has a boss who frequently travels to Taiwan, that it will be cold by then and not really rainy season.

6 of us (Myself, my elder sis (meatball) and her friends) + 2 or 4 friends from Singapore will be exploring Taiwan!

When the days passes by, the more excited we are.

W dated few of us who were in town to discuss about our trip. The hotel, the food, the streets, the shopping mall, the places and more. The funny thing was... I think we can't make it to all those places within 7 or 8 days in different areas. Taiwan is large for us to discover it within such a short period, we can visit the the North? The East or the West? How?

Another friend of my sister bought some magazines and directories for our trip. Wow! Taiwan got so much to eat eh... So many places to visit that we don't know where can we start with. :P

Taipei 101, Hello Kitty Sweet House, The Ninth Street, Ah Chung Noodles, Branded, Ice Creams... Aiyoyo... Don't know what else.
Hope I won't get broke after that. :D

The books, the magazines, the booklets, the brochures and must do list!

I read the book and found out that it's kind of exciting to get to visit other country.

Non the least, THE MAP!!!!!

Oh yea~~ Taiwan, we are going to visit you soon. Hope you treat us well.

Dear knowledgeable Readers, any advise for me while I'm leaving to Taiwan?

Friday, April 22, 2011

La Fuente (Authentic Spanish Tapas Bar), One Borneo Hypermall, K. K., Sabah.

La Fuenta is the first Spanish Restaurant which located at 1 Borneo, K. K.

Still remembered that it was almost 10.00pm and few of us went for a drink over there.

- La Fuenta (click) -

- Business Hours -

At the first sight, the surrounding of the restaurant was relaxing and a corner of the restaurant is occupied for band. However, no band was officially performed there, but they hired some part timer for entertainment.

- Coffee Macchiato -

A cup of coffee for the night. Flavour was okay. Meatball had Latte for the night, however it taste too milky and not that nice to drink.


One or two song for the night. I think they sang one local song for us and the tourist we were having coffee with and another Old English song. I recorded a short video that I will show you later!

A short music video by a group of entertainers - "Love you more than I can say" which sing upon request and they will sing a song or two from one table to another.

Overall, the surrounding with Liquor/ Alcohol and Spanish Cuisine was good. Place to chill during the night, not noisy indeed.

Location :

Ground Floor,
One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meeting my 8th and 9th Snake at Sunday Market, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I think it was long time ago since my last visit to the Sunday Market at Gaya Street.

Was catching up with few tourists and a friend of meatball (my elder sister) at Gaya Street last Sunday and we have promised the night before while thinking of taking some photographs as my inspiration for my later posts.

Towards the end of Gaya Street where the Pocket Park is located, I saw something fishy~~~

Something familiar that the man was holding. Hmm...

It was SNAKES!!! And it was three of them! Huge, Mid sized and a small one.

People were just standing there and looking at those snake beside and those that the owner were holding. It was my fourth attempts in Kota Kinabalu and it was my chance to take photo without wasting my time while others only standing there watching like an exhibition held.

It wasn't my first photograph with snakes and definitely (I hope) will not be my last photo shoot with snakes.

Was trying to reach a record of taking and collecting photographs with 50 snakes or more (if possible) in my lifetime.

A little excited when I saw it and to keep my words, I paid RM10.00 for one Polaroid photo, not a perfect one! The snake I'm holding above was too naughty, it's can't stop riddling from my front and over my hat and neck! 

The nice owner allow us to take some more photographs with my own camera. :)

The wrong facial expression of mine with my 8th and 9th snake (the 8th and 9th snake I'm holding personally!).

The locals and the tourists standing there was wondering and took some photos of mine. LOLzz!

And do you know what did the owner do?

He put another small one on top of the middle sized snake I'm holding! The one nearest to my face with a size of my two finger putting together.

Okay~ That's all for the day and my mom was standing far away... She is fear of snakes!

The huge and long one at the side saying "Bye Bye" to you all.


p/s: Browsing through my old photos and I realise that I took photos with three snakes at Snake Temple, Penang and not two!

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Sunday Market (Gaya Street), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.