Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant, Suria Sabah, K. K., Sabah

Updated on 05.04.2011 -

Went to Suria Sabah again on last Saturday for shopping in the afternoon and dinner at Sushi Tei again during the night and we were going to watch "Sucker Punch" and it's sucks!  Except for the graphic which was awesome. Storyboard was confusing and makes me wondered so much.

Just like I posted before, the raw fishes totally fresh and scrumptious! However, we ordered the Soft Crabs Rolls from the waiter, but they passed us the prepared Soft Crabs Rolls on the Sushi Belt and it doesn't taste nice. :(  Volcano Sushi and Curry Chicken, both of them taste yummy!!

- Chirashi Don -

The restaurant was crowded when we were having our dinner during 8.30pm! Oh my!

Posted on 30.03.2011 -

It was raining heavily since hours ago when me and my sister were heading to Suria Sabah to buy some goods from L'occitane. 

The weather did not get better even though it rained for few hours, therefore we decided to spend our time at some cafe or what so ever to prevent from unforeseeable circumstances while driving (it's too scary and the windscreen was blurred from the "huge" raindrops!).

Wanted to try Sushi Tei Japanese Food since they operated months ago, and the restaurant is one of the hot topic of the people in town! I heard all kinds of comments from friends aegarding the restaurant and mostly was good! But, we never know until we try it personally right?

- Sushi Tei -

I love Japanese Food and I love all the RAW FISHES, Salmon, Tuna, Butter Fish. Yummy! :)

For your information, Sushi Tei (click) is  well-recognised as an International Franchised Japanese Restaurant.

The menu is attractive and there were variety of dishes to select and it blurred my eye. OMG!

I'm excited about the food they serve while selecting my choices. I love to eat Ikura (a type of fish roe) but they didn't served it on that day/ these period of time, the waiter told me it's because of the Japan incident and they can't import it to here for the time being. *big impact bring to Japanese Restaurants in operation*

- The Kitchen and Sushi Belt -

Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant at Suria Sabah have a great view of the Sea and Islands. It was amazing and the presentation of the whole Restaurant is well designed and good/ average (depends on the waiters/ waitress who served us) services provided. The kitchen was designed in the middle of the restaurant with transparent see through glasses. And you can waive at them if you want! LOL (I won't be that silly lar~~)

The Sushi Belt was presented with various sushi for customers to select! Felt even more excited after we ordered the fresh handmade sushi from the kitchen.

- Green Colour Plate (RM6.00 each) -

- Salmon Mentai (RM6.00) ( cooked salmon with cod roe) - *recommended*

The dishes they served were irresistible with the saliva drooling Japanese Food.

Me and my sister had the first bite with the maki (The other green plate with Tempura Prawn in the roll). Me and my sister look at each other and the same thought we had.

We think that it was over-rated about all the comments. And we continue with Salmon Mentai, the taste was quite special and we like it!

- Collagen Aburi Salmon Roll (RM29.80) (collagen and half broiled salmon sushi roll) - *recommended*

The Collagen Aburi Salmon Roll caught my eye since one of my favourite blogger has been invited to the soft opening of Sushi Tei in  K.L. and he tried it too! Collagen ler... I want! Girl must know that collagen is a must have to have good skin condition.

The ingredients they used was fresh! Salmon was fresh, Cucumber was crunchy! Wow! About the collagen on top (the transparent gel on top of the salmon) was tasteless and it's felt like munching seaweed (like the seaweed inside the Soy Soup). The whole combination of the Salmon Roll was good. And it will be  one of my favourite dish when I visit Sushi Tei in the future!

- 5 pieces Butter Fish (RM18.80) -

 My elder sister and I love Butter Fish! It feels like melting when it's fresh and thick. I'm looking at this photograph and I felt hungry again...

The total bill we had was RM71.05 for two person, yea~~ we didn't order much on that day, as we were going home for dinner after that. 

The overall about the food served, I highly recommended friends to order their selections from the menu so that the ingredients used are fresh and we could immediately consume it when it's served directly from the kitchen. I do not recommend much to choose those coloured plates from the Sushi Belt which already left for a period of time (unless, maybe it's okay for us to select during peak hour, because sushi will be freshly made over and over again!)!
Will be going back for more to discover more nice dishes!


Suria Sabah Shopping Mall,
Lot G-68, Ground Floor,
1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,


  1. Suria now lot's of shop opened already?? Good to hear.. can't wait to go back... ^_^

  2. yup. A lot of high street fashion kind of outlets here already. ;)
    But, still a lot of shop haven't occupied yet!