Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Piramid, K. L.

Went to Sunway Piramid for shopping and meeting up with my cousin and her family during my KL trip.

It's time for dinner and the younger group of us went to Sakae Sushi while my parents and aunts went to Chinese Restaurant for their dinner.

- Genmaicha -

Green Tea in teabag were served by adding hot bowled water in to the cup prepared on our table.

- Sushi Train Belt -

for us to select! Our nephews love to eat sushi and all of us love them too. Yummy!

- User friendly menu -

Never seen one before in reality. Good idea to hire less staffs and direct orders to the kitchen!

- Chawanmushi -

I love chawanmushi very much. However, haven't found one that make me fall in love with in any of the Japanese Restaurant I went till now. They are just so-so only.

Portion of the food served were quite small with normal Japanese bowl.

Sakae Sushi serves average taste of Japanese Food. It's similar as Sushi King.

- Airplane Children Set -

- Train Children Set -

My young niece and nephew had their children set dinner that includes Teriyaki Chicken, some Tempura and more.

- Teriyaki Chicken Rice -

- Butter Fish -

Loving raw fish!

Dinner was okay for the night which cost us around RM250.00 for 10 to 12 person (including 4 children aged below 10 years old).


Sunway Piramid.
Walk to the end of the building where all of the restaurants are located.


  1. Try Sakura Restaurant in Plaza Masalam, sec 9, Shah Alam. It's quite good, the portion is ok but I really love the miso soup... slrrrp! dunno if they got the Chawanmushi. Their taste is alot better than Sushi King, or perhaps I was very very hungry... hahaha...

  2. Hope I can try it one day! Thanks for the info!

  3. will check out since I do go to Pyramid quite often. thanks for the info on this place.