Monday, March 28, 2011

My Earth Hour 2011 at Bella Italia Restaurant, The Jesselton Hotel, K. K., Sabah

Once again it's 26th March and it is the day where the whole world will be participating the campaign to switch of ALL THE LIGHTS together for one hour and it's better to go beyond the hour!!

 Malaysia's Earth Hour will be from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. 

I do support Earth Hour and I hope mother earth can sustain it's life. We need to love and take care of our earth not only by switching off the lights for one hour, we suppose to love it as our daily routine in our life time. 

- The Dark Roadway -

Attended my cousin's baby full moon dinner before headed to Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel at Gaya Street for the event going on while moral supporting my sister's Chloe, who has been invited to be Bella Italia Earth Hour's Ambassador.

By the way, for the first time our city council of Kota Kinabalu supported the campaign too!! Well done! And they switched off all the streets lights in town area during 8.30pm!

- The Jesselton Hotel and Bella Italia -

Park our car nearby the restaurant and we headed to the restaurant. The whole building supported the campaign by switching off all the lights except for some deemed lights to prevent guests from falling down.

I saw people support the campaign and some didn't. Well~~ It's only once a year and it wasn't that difficult to support it anyway.

- Live unplugged music by ECHO & Friends -

There's Chloe with ECHO for the event "Bella Earth Hour Dinner & BBQ by Patio". They sang song such as Quando Quando Quando, Heal the World, Falling in love with you and more nice songs to be listen.

- The Jesselton Hotel Main Entrance -

By the time we reached, it's already late. Therefore, we only can have drinks for the night while listening to those songs they sing and snapping photographs.

- Live unplugged music by ECHO & Friends -

Together with Chloe throughout the night. The event for that night was casual, sweet and simple. 

I love this kind of feel with an open air with musics and drinks, just like the old time while I'm studying oversea. 

Enjoying the night. :)

- Hot Pot of Honey Lemon -

The food served at the restaurant was great, I went there with my family few weeks ago and I haven't ready my post yet. Coming soon! Coming soon! Their Chicken Rice is a must have and Italian Food was GREAT! I love CHEESE, Spaghetti and Lasagna. 

With background of the Band.

- Group photo with EHCO Band and Chloe -

The guy in black have a good voice! I like! :)

- Bella Italia -

It's 9.30pm already and the lights and the city were brighten again.

Earth Hour campaign by Bella Italia was different I may say. Hope I could enjoy the crowd by having dinner there next time! :)


Jesselton Hotel, #69 Jalan Gaya, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. i havent tried bella italia but the ambiance looks nice and cozy though... hope the food is good too! Happy Earth Hour! :)

  2. Yup! The food is good. Got 50 % off for the Pizza & Pasta during the night from 5 - 7pm! U can go and try when U visit KK! :)

  3. Hi Meitzeu! :)

    I saw my little face in your blog. I was sitting next to your table with my boyfriend :)

    Btw, nice blog you have here. Cheers~ :)

  4. Great to see so many involved, I was also at a bella italia for the event but I was at a Bella Italia London branch. It was a lot of fun, even though we didn't have live music.

  5. Yea! Good to know you participated the world wide event! Live music with lovely singer will be great ! Try it next time. :)

  6. Amazing pictures meitzeu!!
    I was at bella italia too, a few days ago. totally love the food.