Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Super Moon in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

Been informed that 19th March 2011, we will be having Super moon here.

Super moon will only happened once in many years when the distance of the Moon is the most nearest with the Earth.

Not only the Moon will look larger than the usual, there will be sign of natural disasters might happen because of these kind of nature 'thingy'.

Caught some photographs using my BB phone, without zooming further. 

Quite clear though.

The view from Damai area, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It was not raining here, just drizzling rain during 9.00pm.

Furthermore, I saw families standing outside their house to see the Moon!

Hmm... From what I saw, it's a bit larger than the usual (It was full moon tonight and it's look like white and round Tang Yuan or a 20 cents compared with 10 cents), but not as large as the Moon which  T's saw during midnight, 3.00am to 4.00am in the morning (30 to 50 % larger or 50 cents I suppose) when he went out for a cigarette during midnight!

Hope I can see the largest Moon later!
(Updates on 10.00 pm - I saw the moon become blurred compared with the earlier one and this one got CIRCLED RING surrounding it!) 

p/s: Stay away from the sea shore, the sea water might make your vehicles become rusty! It will be high tide!

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  1. Oh forgot about this.. but I can't see any moon existing now due to rainy season..

  2. Awww~~~ so sad :(
    The moon is quite big tonight.
    Yea~ My friend in KL told me her place was raining, can't see the Moon either.
    May be you can check it out when the rain stop during the midnight.