Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hong Kong Porridge at Pak Ka Lok Food Park 百家乐 (香港粥), K. K., Sabah

Personally, I love porridge very much. 

I can have porridge for few days straight even though I might get hungry after one or two hours.

Were writing all sorts of high cholesterol and high carbohydrates food within Malaysia and every destinations I went before. Finally, writing a post that is "healthier" and lighter. haha :D

- Pak Ka Lok (Hong Kong Porridge) 百家乐 (香港粥) -

Located at 1st Floor of Wisma Merdeka, a shopping mall at down town Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A well known restaurant that operating their business since my primary school time (as what I can remember) and it will be crowded most of the time, serving all kinds of foods from French toasts, Chinese Kuih and Hong Kong Porridge.

In my latest attempt to the restaurant for breakfast on Sunday at 9.00am, (before the shopping mall officially start their business at 10.00am) the restaurant was crowded already!

Been there for the third time (not frequently went there for meals because it's too crowded) and we always forgot about the shop! We only remember the word "Food Court" which located at the other phase of the building!

Was trying out my G12 after I bought it for the first time on January and it brings me to took photographs of porridge!

 Here comes my Pork Liver and Kidney Porridge! It cost RM5.00 which is reasonable!

The texture was smooth~ Yummy! And the Yau Char Kway was crunchy and I can finish my bowl of hot porridge quite fast! *Slurpp**

Their Beef Porridge and Mix Pork also good!

1st Floor, Wisma Merdeka,
Same phase with Tong's departmental store,
walk further behind to the washroom entrance and you can see the restaurant!


  1. Argh! You so lucky! Everytime I go there to eat sure finish or full! >.<
    Love the porridge there!

  2. What?? I thought it won't finish until afternoon??
    I went the in the morning (9am) and before 12pm before, still have porridge geh~

    I think you should go there for breakfast next time, sure will not finish and you are hungry. kekkee ;P