Tuesday, March 8, 2011

【生活时尚】亚庇 : 婆罗手工首饰 Fashion Accessories - Handmade Borneo Jewelry by CHERLEC

Bought some Jewelry for myself while being an assistant of my elder sister of THP.

Never thought that I'm the one who will be buying one of the Rafflesia pendant as my achievement of my professional exam while at the first place should be introducing to our guest who would love to buy genuine and good quality pearls necklace for his wife last minute before he leave town, however he didn't made it and the one who made it were us!


A jewelry outlet in town which quite impressed me with their handmade designs and genuine materials. The combination of local Borneo and Malaysia symbols such as Rafflesia, Nephenthese and Moon Kites, it's catches our eyes.

- Rafflesia -

(The World Largest Flower)

The owner personally designed and selected the materials for her handmade jewelry.

Tourists and whoever love pearls and special handmade designs sure will be in love with her designs. Besides, they even offer unique customised privacy services/ designs to or by their customers, so that the jewelry settings and styles of the designs will perfectly suit their taste!

I bought the Rafflesia with Rose Gold plated and one the special thing about her jewelry designs is we could open the "hook" of the pendants and charms (it's detachable and attachable, just like jewelry of Tiffany & Co.), so that we can attached them to any of the bracelets, pearls necklaces etc.

- Rafflesia and Nephenthes -

The Rafflesia pendant was made of Red Ruby and Diamonds (It's genuine materials that really shine and blinks!) which cost much much higher with four (4) figure numbers, while Nephenthes was made of man-made diamonds which cost much lower.

Saw the mini pearls necklace (not the pearl pendant)?

Me and my elder sister reserved one for each of us and we will need to wait until the owner call us to collect it! Elegant for special occasions although it's kind of expensive.

It's one of my LONG TERM INVESTMENT!!!!

- Moon Kite -

Design of Moon Kite stands out and I'm loving it. I have been understood that the colour are painted with French painting which the more colour on the jewerly, the more complicated it will be and of course, it will cost much higher.

Quality talks and we should know about that.

"Jewelry to Keep, Moments to Seal"


Range from RM39.90 of mini charms to four (4) figure numbers. (WOW!!)


CHERLEC Borneo Jewels Sdn. Bhd.
Hyatt Regency Kinabalu,
Lobby B, 1st Floor,
Jalan Datuk Salleh Sulong,
88991 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Tourists: For an optional tour to CHERLEC? Please visit Tropical Holidays Paradise.


  1. the rose pendant is so adorable.

  2. hehehe~~ which one? That's Rafflesia!
    With red ruby or the plain one?