Friday, March 4, 2011

Breakfast at Imbi Market, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Once again...

We went for our local breakfast at Imbi Market with friends who fetched us early in the morning from the hotel.

We love to have our breakfast there and it's located in the middle of the city!

Besides varieties of FOODs, we can find cheap clothes and pants for different ages range from men to women too. Local food and anything that can be found in the market are selling there!

"One stop marketing" I must say.

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- Hainanese Milk Tea -

by real Hainanese people, which we normally will have our tea session sitting nearby their stall.

All those heavy food such as Curry Mee and Pork Porridge are must have and it's located around the corner, they told me that the stall shown above are famous with their porridge, even "Ang Mo" (foreigners) love it too and they have been interviewed and promoted in one of the television foodies show before .

- Curry Mee Hoon -

Looks tempting for Curry lover.

- Pork Intestine Porridge -

I must say, everything our friends introduced are yummy!

- Popiah -

which my younger sister get phobia when she saw this, she had too much during her Melaka trip previously! LOL

Besides, it's suitable for vegetarians. It's includes nuts, vegetables, white carrots and more.

- Abam Balik 曼煎糕 -

It's actually a type of pancake with peanuts in it. I'm doesn't really favour this one, but my mom like to have it.

- 太空包 -

(Direct translation: Space Bun)

Ordered from the Hainanese stall with famous milk tea served and the famous cold butter buns/ breads are there too.

Our satisfying breakfast that we had that day. It's Nyonya Kuih (cake with colour that shown left side of the photo), local "Yong"meat stuffed vegetables, "Chu Cheong Fun" 猪肠粉 etc etc...

I think Imbi Market will be one of the best place to search for satisfying breakfast with reasonable price in town!

I like!


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