Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Afternoon Tea at Pavilion K.L. Food Court, K. L.

Pavilion K. L. is one of my top priority shopping heaven when I go to K. L. for holiday.

Departmental stall for all kinds of brands for work wears, skincare and etc, Forever 21 for high street fashion and accessories!

So much love for it.

- Pavilion Crystal Fountain -

(Grand Bloom of Fulfillment)

Was there during Christmas season last year and meeting up with friends too.

Catch up with Yin Yin and family for afternoon tea, had the famous eggs tarts with various flavour from normal, green tea, Portugal, milky and more.

Most of the food there are so tempting! Yummy!

Had the famous "Yau Char Kway"(油炸鬼)from Lao You Gui Gui(老友鬼鬼)too! Long queue to buy them!

- John King since 1965 -

Yup! Tarts you love most. It sure does. ;)

Hehehe ;D Had Cendol special again! But, it was not mine. ;P

Meet up Yin Yin, my K. K.'s ex-colleague and an emotional blogger who went back her hometown at West Malaysia. :)


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