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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant, Suria Sabah, K. K., Sabah

Updated on 05.04.2011 -

Went to Suria Sabah again on last Saturday for shopping in the afternoon and dinner at Sushi Tei again during the night and we were going to watch "Sucker Punch" and it's sucks!  Except for the graphic which was awesome. Storyboard was confusing and makes me wondered so much.

Just like I posted before, the raw fishes totally fresh and scrumptious! However, we ordered the Soft Crabs Rolls from the waiter, but they passed us the prepared Soft Crabs Rolls on the Sushi Belt and it doesn't taste nice. :(  Volcano Sushi and Curry Chicken, both of them taste yummy!!

- Chirashi Don -

The restaurant was crowded when we were having our dinner during 8.30pm! Oh my!

Posted on 30.03.2011 -

It was raining heavily since hours ago when me and my sister were heading to Suria Sabah to buy some goods from L'occitane. 

The weather did not get better even though it rained for few hours, therefore we decided to spend our time at some cafe or what so ever to prevent from unforeseeable circumstances while driving (it's too scary and the windscreen was blurred from the "huge" raindrops!).

Wanted to try Sushi Tei Japanese Food since they operated months ago, and the restaurant is one of the hot topic of the people in town! I heard all kinds of comments from friends aegarding the restaurant and mostly was good! But, we never know until we try it personally right?

- Sushi Tei -

I love Japanese Food and I love all the RAW FISHES, Salmon, Tuna, Butter Fish. Yummy! :)

For your information, Sushi Tei (click) is  well-recognised as an International Franchised Japanese Restaurant.

The menu is attractive and there were variety of dishes to select and it blurred my eye. OMG!

I'm excited about the food they serve while selecting my choices. I love to eat Ikura (a type of fish roe) but they didn't served it on that day/ these period of time, the waiter told me it's because of the Japan incident and they can't import it to here for the time being. *big impact bring to Japanese Restaurants in operation*

- The Kitchen and Sushi Belt -

Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant at Suria Sabah have a great view of the Sea and Islands. It was amazing and the presentation of the whole Restaurant is well designed and good/ average (depends on the waiters/ waitress who served us) services provided. The kitchen was designed in the middle of the restaurant with transparent see through glasses. And you can waive at them if you want! LOL (I won't be that silly lar~~)

The Sushi Belt was presented with various sushi for customers to select! Felt even more excited after we ordered the fresh handmade sushi from the kitchen.

- Green Colour Plate (RM6.00 each) -

- Salmon Mentai (RM6.00) ( cooked salmon with cod roe) - *recommended*

The dishes they served were irresistible with the saliva drooling Japanese Food.

Me and my sister had the first bite with the maki (The other green plate with Tempura Prawn in the roll). Me and my sister look at each other and the same thought we had.

We think that it was over-rated about all the comments. And we continue with Salmon Mentai, the taste was quite special and we like it!

- Collagen Aburi Salmon Roll (RM29.80) (collagen and half broiled salmon sushi roll) - *recommended*

The Collagen Aburi Salmon Roll caught my eye since one of my favourite blogger has been invited to the soft opening of Sushi Tei in  K.L. and he tried it too! Collagen ler... I want! Girl must know that collagen is a must have to have good skin condition.

The ingredients they used was fresh! Salmon was fresh, Cucumber was crunchy! Wow! About the collagen on top (the transparent gel on top of the salmon) was tasteless and it's felt like munching seaweed (like the seaweed inside the Soy Soup). The whole combination of the Salmon Roll was good. And it will be  one of my favourite dish when I visit Sushi Tei in the future!

- 5 pieces Butter Fish (RM18.80) -

 My elder sister and I love Butter Fish! It feels like melting when it's fresh and thick. I'm looking at this photograph and I felt hungry again...

The total bill we had was RM71.05 for two person, yea~~ we didn't order much on that day, as we were going home for dinner after that. 

The overall about the food served, I highly recommended friends to order their selections from the menu so that the ingredients used are fresh and we could immediately consume it when it's served directly from the kitchen. I do not recommend much to choose those coloured plates from the Sushi Belt which already left for a period of time (unless, maybe it's okay for us to select during peak hour, because sushi will be freshly made over and over again!)!
Will be going back for more to discover more nice dishes!


Suria Sabah Shopping Mall,
Lot G-68, Ground Floor,
1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Earth Hour 2011 at Bella Italia Restaurant, The Jesselton Hotel, K. K., Sabah

Once again it's 26th March and it is the day where the whole world will be participating the campaign to switch of ALL THE LIGHTS together for one hour and it's better to go beyond the hour!!

 Malaysia's Earth Hour will be from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. 

I do support Earth Hour and I hope mother earth can sustain it's life. We need to love and take care of our earth not only by switching off the lights for one hour, we suppose to love it as our daily routine in our life time. 

- The Dark Roadway -

Attended my cousin's baby full moon dinner before headed to Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel at Gaya Street for the event going on while moral supporting my sister's Chloe, who has been invited to be Bella Italia Earth Hour's Ambassador.

By the way, for the first time our city council of Kota Kinabalu supported the campaign too!! Well done! And they switched off all the streets lights in town area during 8.30pm!

- The Jesselton Hotel and Bella Italia -

Park our car nearby the restaurant and we headed to the restaurant. The whole building supported the campaign by switching off all the lights except for some deemed lights to prevent guests from falling down.

I saw people support the campaign and some didn't. Well~~ It's only once a year and it wasn't that difficult to support it anyway.

- Live unplugged music by ECHO & Friends -

There's Chloe with ECHO for the event "Bella Earth Hour Dinner & BBQ by Patio". They sang song such as Quando Quando Quando, Heal the World, Falling in love with you and more nice songs to be listen.

- The Jesselton Hotel Main Entrance -

By the time we reached, it's already late. Therefore, we only can have drinks for the night while listening to those songs they sing and snapping photographs.

- Live unplugged music by ECHO & Friends -

Together with Chloe throughout the night. The event for that night was casual, sweet and simple. 

I love this kind of feel with an open air with musics and drinks, just like the old time while I'm studying oversea. 

Enjoying the night. :)

- Hot Pot of Honey Lemon -

The food served at the restaurant was great, I went there with my family few weeks ago and I haven't ready my post yet. Coming soon! Coming soon! Their Chicken Rice is a must have and Italian Food was GREAT! I love CHEESE, Spaghetti and Lasagna. 

With background of the Band.

- Group photo with EHCO Band and Chloe -

The guy in black have a good voice! I like! :)

- Bella Italia -

It's 9.30pm already and the lights and the city were brighten again.

Earth Hour campaign by Bella Italia was different I may say. Hope I could enjoy the crowd by having dinner there next time! :)


Jesselton Hotel, #69 Jalan Gaya, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's KK Twestival 2011 at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!!! Tweet. Meet. Give Bah!

Attended Twestival Local (Twestival Kota Kinabalu) for the first time on Thursday, 24th March, 2011. It was held in K.K. for the second time since last year and it was a blast as what I've seen in my Twitter timeline, my bloggers  friends' blog posts and photographs!

The audiences does have fun on that night!

This year's Twestival was held in the evening and the event start at 6.00pm. It was an event for fund raising and creating awareness for Sabah Society for the Blind (SSB).

It's an interesting event and people who went for the event were nice and quite down to the earth. Met a few bloggers around town such as Hayden, Dinoza and more that maybe I didn't notice around me. The event was casual, everyone felt warm inside when the event goes on.

Guess what?? KK Twestival 2011 wins USD1,000 for best team photo and will be donating to SSB! They did their part will all the effort they given!

- Me and ShinChan a.k.a Hayden -

Was following his blog since last year and it  interesting and I love it. :) 

Remember my Stompin Post? Didn't knew that we should take photographs together before the event started and promised the next event IS A MUST TO SNAP! Hah! And this was it! (luckily I remembered :P)

He was one of the volunteered photographer for the event. Check out his wonderful photographs here - 

- Amazing Graffiti by Cracko Arts Group -

We arrived at Origin Cafe and Green Olive around 6.00pm and they were painting their graffiti on the wall outside Origin Cafe. The combination of Twitter and Festival = Twestival! D

- The Logo -

Representing Sabah with Mt. Kinabalu and Orang Utan. People throughout the world took photographs and shared through out facebook and other network. From Bangkok, Europe, Hong Kong, America and more!

Tropical Holidays Paradise (the logo with Coconut Tree, Mountain and Sea Turtle) participated in the sponsorship too! *claps claps*

- KK Twestival Stamp -

Not forgotten! The Twitter symbol stamp that will be stamped on to our hand! !

Photographs took by people around the world from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and so much more. They maybe far but their heart still near with Sabah and supportive with charity event! It Rocks right?? Even divers took a photograph with the logo!

- Boutique Cupcakes -

Participated for the fund raising event. Their cakes was good! My elder sister (meatball) bought Cupcake with RM5.00 and Tiramisu Cake cost RM40.00. It's silky smooth!

Twestival KK was live chatted with the worldwide Twestival Community throughout the evening/ night! She was walking here and there to share KK love with the world. :) Lovely right?

- Face Painting -

With a donation of RM5.00 (coupon), I got my first face painting. Twitter Blue Bird and I love it very much, sadly I need to wash it off when I get back home. :( However, I took so much photographs with it. :) Cam whoring. :P

- Sharing Quirky face of Hayden! -

My mom and sister like him and had a good impression as a good person indeed.

- Group Singing -

A happening event will have singing session as a norms.

- Blue Bird -

The blue bird for Twitter and we are supportive enough that we wear blue attires for the event and I'm wearing blue since morning for work.

The Blinds have arrived. Something came to my mind saying that we suppose to learn morals from them, they done their best with the ability even though they are blind. They never give up and we should learn from them!

We are lucky that we are normal and we should make good use of it by doing the best in our life with good deeds!

- Braille Decoding Competition -

Games such as throwing darts with blind folded and braille decoding competition were two of the programs. Both of the games were trying to let us to have an experience living in the dark and all we need to do were by touching and feeling items and listening to the environments.

Cassie and Rica from Hitz.FM K. K. were the emcee of the event after I left the event and Cassie was my Netball teammate during secondary school! No wonder she looks familiar, until I read her profile. :P

People attended the event were for the fund raising. We drink and I did with a cup of Champagne of RM5.00 (coupon), we eat, we enjoyed ourself in a closed area. Around 200 people or more were there when it was getting late. Chloe (my younger sister, the ambassador of KK Twestival) had tones of fun with the crews and audiences throughout the event.

- Slurp It Up -

One of the game during the event with volunteers  to slurp the noodles within limited time. And the winner won himself a Polaroid Camera! OMG! I think he had 16 cups of the noodles if I'm not mistaken.

Yea~~ Went home early and we were exhausted during the night especially after work.

Some cam-whore photographs with the face paint !!!

I really love the paint! It's Twitter Blue some more!

It's easily removed by using eye remover and facial remover! No worry.

As promised, the RM30.00 tickets includes snack box and a cup of Watermelon Juice (optional). Special scent and flavour of Vietnamese Cuisine.

- Complementary souvenir and vouchers inside a Goodies Bag for the first 100 customers who redeemed -

Even though I'm not there throughout the event, I did felt the warm and kind feeling when I browse through  my friends' album. 

Great event for sure and I hope I will be there for the next Twestival for more interesting things to see. :)

By the way, the fund raising was successful with a collection of RM22,532.50 and 100% are donated to Sabah Society for the blind! Help the in needs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sabah Fun : Kota Kinabalu Heritage Walk - Padang Merdeka & Atkinson Clock Tower 【沙巴玩】 亚庇 - 旧街游

Never have an in depth knowledge about my city which I was born until I went for KK Heritage Walk together with THP and friends.

Tourists all over the world came to Sabah for the famous Mt. Kinabalu, Poring Hot Spring at Ranau, Sipadan Island at Tawau or those Islands which located far and near from K.K. city and even though they were in town for overnights stay, they normally will have a walk around Waterfront area, the Philippines market,  or visited our famous Sunday Market at Gaya Street, in short City Tour in town.

But by all means, DO THEY UNDERSTAND ABOUT KOTA KINABALU? Do they remember our beautiful "Nature Resort City" here? Maybe they will remember Sabah as a whole.

While having our KK Heritage Tour the other day, I have been inspired with the thoughts of "Understanding K. K.". The tour completely suitable for young and adults, locals and foreigners to discover our amazing heritage here! It's a great tour indeed and meeting awesome people.

- A Guide to KK Heritage Walk -

Gathered around 9.00 am and each of us received a guide book that contain compacted information about Kota Kinabalu city (Pre-war, Post-war and Post-independence) together with a complementary souvenir.

For your information, the name of Kota Kinabalu was changed from Jesselton on 22nd December, 1967. As a remembrance of Jesselton, we still can see hotel that named Jesselton Hotel and Jesselton Point which is our Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal.

- Padang Merdeka (Independence Field) -

In the olden days, the field was used for recreation purposes and it was the same venue where British North Borneo gained it's independence and ceremony was held for the Proclamation of Malaysia. Once it was used for those historical ceremony and currently, the Padang is still being used for various celebrations through out the years!

(Photo courtesy by Dexterowie)

Explanation by Grace Leong, our Tour Guide of the day and the author of

"A Guide to KK Heritage Walk".

Impressive explanation made and spreading all the KK love to us! All of us!

- More than 100 years old Trees -

The trees that standing still after 100 years and once there were a person hanging himself up there, just to protect those trees from cutting down to the ground.

We were walking down to the memory lane!

The whole journey took more or less 2 hours was fun and informative. Listened to touching stories and so much to discover and talk about, and by only 2 hours story telling might not be enough even we had our Coffee Time at Kopitiam. =D

My parents went through those years and sometimes they will tell us about the era when Jesselton was under British Colony.

- Atkinson Clock Tower -

It tooks more or less 5 - 6 minutes walk from Padang Merdeka to reach Atkinson Clock. Atkinson Clock is the only wooden clock in whole Malaysia which still standing still on top of the hill  in this era and  it was formerly used as the light house when Jesselton was still under British Colony and while our land haven't been expanded/ developed.

You know what? A period of time during last year, there were parties who would like to destroy it and build a shopping mall named with "Atkinson". The proudest things that we, as a Sabahan protested the idea, *claps claps* of destroying and rebuilding the Tower on other hill.

Atkinson Clock Tower as our leftover heritage and we should be protecting it and use it as a reminder for our independence! It's meaningless to destroy and "re-build" the history, you know what I meant?? I do love Kota Kinabalu city and Sabah, you know or not?? Tourists love here because it's still have the nature and the nicest people that have the nicest smile!!!

Left: Atkinson Clock Tower before the War. Right: Today's Atkinson Clock Tower.

The old Atkinson Clock Tower (left) was replaced in Year 1964. 

Once my mother told me that she love the clock very much and she did followed my grandfather and his uncle most of the time to the Tower to re-chain the clock by using antique clock keys.

The history of Atkinson Clock that written with English, Malay, Chinese and even Japanese Language on both of the surface of the Stone.

- Staircase to Atkinson Clock Tower -

We didn't walk up and have a closer view of the tower, however Grace want us to we waited for the clock to chime when it strikes 10.00a.m.! Yup! It still chime even after so many years of ups and downs, it was my first time listened and not all the locals have the opportunity to hear it!

Click and play the below video :

It CHIMED right?

And by foot, we continued to our next journey and we took some photographs from the opposite side the road.

The nicest and the perfect view of Atkinson Clock Tower.

 Till then... :)

Tour with KK Heritage Walk? Please visit Tropical Holidays Paradise for more information.