Sunday, February 20, 2011

A taste of Hakka at Kopitiam Peniel 朋友, Lintas, K. K., Sabah

Updated on 22.09.2011 - The restaurant is closed down. :(

For the first time I went for food review at one of the restaurant in town with another tall and sweet KK blogger,

Beverly from Take Another Step,

a talented artistic person with ideas of DIY and a part time online seller and another friend came along with us.

She invited me for the small food review at Kopitiam Peniel located at Lintas Plaza, a restaurant which mainly selling varieties of Hakka dishes and other dishes such as Western Food and tempting desserts.

And never thought that they can provide efficient services and the foods was improved quite a lot since my first attempt last year when they were newly open.

Rickie, one of the partner who recommended us their tasty Hakka dishes originated from Kudat and their signature dishes that they added with special sauces, home made rice wine and others which were tempting when we listen to what he has introduced. *drooling*

However, its so many scrumptious dishes, but too little people to share among each other, unless there were more KK bloggers went for the food review, for sure we can have a taste of varieties of Hakka dishes.

- Hakka Lao Su Foon 客家老鼠爱大米 - (RM5.00)

Portion for three (3) person was huge and even one (1) person will be the same too (covered more than the bowl of noodles). The noodles was quite special with short rat tailed shaped and not much of restaurants serving it in town with such a good taste, even it was cold after a while.

The mixed Hakka Lou Su Foon with Roasted meat, minced meat, vegetables and Spring Rolls.

Look as tasty as it seen with the special brewed sauce that can be added on.

- Fried Beef Shine with Gravy - (RM10.00)

With stewed white carrots, it makes the whole plate of beef taste good and the best thing is the beef was soft and not hard to chew.

Reasonable pricing in a busy town here.

- Chicken Wine 黄酒鸡 - (RM13.00)

I love their style of cooking with the non added sugar home made rice wine. Blood circulation will be good for us when we had it, however too much for a person will be heaty. I still love Chicken Wine anyway.

My tempting dinner with Beverly and another friend. Yummy!

Here comes our DESSERT! The UFO look a like

- Fried Ice Cream - (RM2.50 per pieces)

I love it so much and I think I can have a few of it at one time.

Frying with 2 seconds in the hot boiled oil and the fried ice creams were DONE! Extremely fast and the fried ice cream was crunchy at the outside and cold inside. Tempting and refreshing!

FYI, both of the Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream are home made, the recommended one will be the CHOCOLATE ice cream, dark chocolate for those who love chocolates!

I would love to have more of it for my next visits! All we need is to order from the person in charge and take note that the fried ice cream is not in the menu!

Located at the first floor, the shop looks clean and neat.

Somehow... KK people should learn to find good food not only located at the ground floor, but also the first floor or the higher level.

Besides having Hakka Food and other on the menu dishes, they do have catering for parties and gathering. And as I know, they have Nyonya menus for the catering too!

p/s: Food review were based on our personal opinion and all of the dishes ordered cost RM42.00.


Lot 18-1, 1st Floor,
Lintas Plaza Phase 2B,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,

Telephone No.:
088- 232 368