Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tarc Sabah (2004-2008) Gathering 2011

Went to my college gathering at Upperstar, Lintas on Sunday.

Thought that it will only be 10 person who will attend the gathering as what I've seen at the invited event on my facebook. Unexpectedly, it was more than that and people come and go (at least we make it for the gathering right?).

The more, the merrier!

Ladies getting prettier and men looks great than before! May I say some of us were gaining weight than before... And it includes me???????

Those photos were taken earlier and more friends came after that.

Till we meet again NEXT YEAR!!! CNY Gathering again! Come on!

Some quirky face that I love to do. I love to do funny faces and I got hundreds of those photos!

Hahaha. ;D


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