Wednesday, February 16, 2011

【亚庇吃】 双天海鲜楼 Food in Kota Kinabalu - Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant

The famous Suang Tai Seafood Restaurant with open air concept that almost 90% of the tourists in town will be going there searching for seafood and varieties of foods that suits tourists are selling at the food stalls besides.

The fleshy black crabs and Slipper Lobsters.

By looking at the fishes, clams and other seafood, that photograph looks attractive to me. Nyum!

However, some of them may cost expensive and it's depends on the seafood that consumers ordered and sometimes it's subjective for the restaurants to charge on those ordered dishes.

Be careful and remember to ask for the price before ordering from them!!! (Advice from the local people here.)

And I'm not making fun of it.

See those people? Most of them came here for the fresh seafood.

There are few seafood restaurants at SEDCO for us to select, maybe we shall try other restaurants in the future then...

The usual type of clam that we had at any of the seafood restaurant.

- Fish Mow Soup -


- Slipper Lobster -

Not a very wise choice, we choose choose the normal lobsters instead! The texture of the slipper lobster was hard to eat when it's over- cooked.

- Crabs with Salted Egg -

I love it very much!! Fleshy and smells great with the salted eggs.

- Sabah Vegetable (Suk Zhai Chai) -

Only could be found in Sabah! It's a must try in any of the restaurants here in Sabah and remember to ask from them if you want to have it.

- Steamed fish -

I love the Fried Oyster with Eggs which I ordered from one of the stall beside. It cost differently with the portion that we want to order from range of RM10.00 to Rm15.00.

Furthermore, if we are lucky enough while we are having our dinner at Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant, we can enjoy the cultural dances which held on each week! I'm enjoying with the food and the tourists that saying :

"Wahhh~~~ So fresh~~ So yummy!!!"

and many other good responds while Cheering with friends


Block A, 9-12,
Jalan Laman Diki,
Sedco Complex, Kampung Air,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. I think I'm attracted by the lobster and also the crabs,..hungry now.

  2. Somehow the seafood at KK always taste delicious, have tried the times I have been here.