Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PappaRich, Bukit Bintang, K. L and City Mall, K. K., Sabah.

Had our dinner with Fried Porridge at Klang and we are on our way back to Bukit Bintang to meet up my sister's friend and they want to continue for a drink at some club with oldies band.

Reached Bukit Bintang and we continued our tea session at PappaRich while waiting for them to change their clothes and I'm comparing 2 PappaRich cafe instead! --

Since PappaRich, City Mall, K. K.'s Branch was newly opened sometime last year, I never been there till I had my first cup of Iced Cappuccino last week and had my Durian Cendol at PappaRich, Bukit Bintang for the first time during my November K. L. trip last year.

I'm so outdated! OMG!

- PappaRich, Bukit Bintang -

Every where were crowded in K. L.

What I love about K. L.? I truly in love with K. L.'s DURIAN Cendol and PappaRich has it too~


I can't remember what did my sister's friend had the other day... It's like a bread and she love to order each time she visited any PappaRich's Branch.

- PappaRich, City Mall, K. K., Sabah -

It was crowded during CNY!

With the same concept chained restaurant, some of the drinks and foods are not available here (as usual, this is K. K. bah~~).

With reference to the food and drinks we had, it's quite good and I like their peanut bread and other breads I had too.

Well-trained staffs that adapted to the methods and special ingredients in mixing their drinks.


- Steamed White Bread -

My younger sister who love their Milo cham Kopi (Direct translation: Mixed chocolate with Coffee).

- Iced Cappuccino, Pappa ABC Special with Laici and Hot Barley Lime -

All good! ABC was tempting as we seen and I thought that I saw the word "Papaya" and actually it was "Pappa" and my wrong eye vision makes me didn't order the ABC that I wanted so badly. It's sound weird when I linked papaya with ABC and I didn't realise that until I saw my eldest sister had the ABC.

- Peanut Bread that I like -

Some people says that the food served at PappaRich, City Mall are not tasty, I guess maybe it was the rice menu that they were referring to. For drinks and bread sure nice for me. :)

I can't agree more with the price that are more expensive than Old Town Cafe.

And I kind of like there for a drink sometimes.


PappaRich, Bukit Bintang, K. L.
PappaRich, City Mall, K. K., Sabah.

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  1. I was alien after seeing a pappa rich outlet at my place, had curry laksa and then realise there was this stall opposite which was cheaper and tasted better.