Saturday, February 5, 2011

@MOSPHERE - Revolving Restaurant & Bar, K. K., Sabah

Updated on 22.09.2011 - The Restaurant has closed down.

Went to @mosphere for annual dinner.

Food was okay and quite worth for the price. However, their service was quite unsatisfied!

Leaved the office around 5.30pm and rushed to the restaurant to see the amazing sunset view. Luckily by the time we reached (almost 6.15pm/ 6.30pm), the sunset waited for us and It's really AMAZING!

Very nice table setting in the restaurant and it feel relaxed while we are sitting with friends for chit chat. They have divided the restaurant in to a place for dining, bar and space of a drink with friends till midnight.


The signature drinks and Sabah Sensitivity that include Sabah Montoku (Sabah very own local alcoholic drink) in it!

Ordered some drinks (on my senior) before we had our dinner and waited for others to arrive. Referred to the waiters to have Happy Hour drink which cost lower and they told us that the menu was it and ACTUALLY NOT! As for happy hour, drinks is cost RM12.00 on selective one.

Orange Juice & Strawberry smoothie.

And I had their @ signature drink - Long Beach Island Tea! I love!

See the night view outside? It's really amazing when the restaurant revolving from one end to the other and it reached the same spots where we were sitting after 1 hour.

Wine on my boss.

He really love to drink as what I heard. Always asking us whether want to have liquor or not.

Oh yea~~ Before that, about their services... It's really dissatisfied that one of them was rude while serving us with a nasty voice that we doesn't like and another waiter even poured few glasses of water on my back when she was trying to serve us. I think she was trying to serve drinks to my colleague who sitting opposite me and Splash!!! There goes my dress...

Sigh**** to be for such a great revolving restaurant with such untrained services.

Luckily I'm wearing my Sheer Dress and it's easily dried and I think she was lucky that I didn't show my temper because I was on my phone with my manager. It happened in seconds and luckily my precious camera didn't get wet and felt so sad for my Coach handbag. wtf.

Finally... FOOD! We had Western Set Menu.

-Garden Fresh lettuce Leaves Tossed in a Balsilmic Vinegar-

-Fisherman Chowder-

Served with fresh seafood. Nice!

Here comes the main courses!

-Oven Baked Fish-

Served with creamy potatoes and vegetables strudel.

-Casserole of Lamb Shank-

with garden vegetables on the bed of creamy potatoes. (Recommended)

And I had difficulties in having the ribeye, can't eat it because it had so much vein in it!

-Grilled Ribeye-

Served with limbale potatoes and vegetables ragout drizzle with peppercorn foam.

Wow~~ Dessert time while it was almost 10.00pm!

-Chocolate Brownies served with Berries Compote-
Nice brownies with coffee ice cream! Nice!

Once again, their signature logo!

Anyone want to go for a visit to their revolving restaurant for dining and Tun Mustapha 's (a.k.a Father of Sabah) Museum? Do find Tropical Holidays Paradise for more information!

18th Floor, Menara Tun Mustapha,
Likas Bay,
88450 Kota Kinabalu,


  1. That is one big Lamb shank.
    Wish I can go to this place one day.

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