Wednesday, February 23, 2011

【沙巴玩】亚庇 : Monsopiad 文化村 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Monsopiad Cultural Village

Continued from The Fresh Aquaculture Station, Kg. Babagon, Penampang - click

It's a quick overview before the in depth visit started by the students group.

A brief introduction about Monsopiad Cultural Village at the main entrance.

The traditional village is for the remembrance of the headhunter warriors - Monsopiad. Furthermore, it was built by his 6th or 7th generation to remember their forefather and allow public and tourists all over the world to understand the culture of Kadazan, the roots of the culture and the legendary Monsopiad.

Welcoming the group of students with humble souvenirs and traditional musics with instruments played.

Heard that Monsopiad Cultural Village improved a lot since Mari-Mari Cultural Village, offering the five largest ethic tribes of Sabah to be visited and practical understanding for tourists.

Monsopiad Cultural Village currently have the "headhunters" house and we can have practical understanding about the tribes from the local food they had, their lifestyle and other related information.

The official visit by the students will be starting soon and its time for the Cultural Village to do their part.

Students were divided in to few small groups guided by the staffs and one group after another will be by visiting the same all the "must known spots" of the village.

Besides, from what I have understood, the cultural village also known as the "House of Skulls", and they really have many skulls of people with "designs" that have been snatched by their ancestors and displayed there. (I saw from photographs and it's a bit spooky.) *glurp*

Hope that my next visit to Monsopiad Cultural Village would not be snapping photographs and not following the in depth tour there.

The official website of Monsopiad Cultural Village - click

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  1. I've visited Monsopiad once during my college trip! It was certainly fun and entertaining! Just that it concentrates on one tribes only, while Mari2 offers 5 tribes. :)

    We snapped few pictures at Monsopiad and also found there's something in one of those pictures taken!! *goosebumps* ahh well, thr's real thing at there though. :)

  2. yea~~ Heard the are "real thing" there though... A bit spooky~ YAiks!
    Got real skulls somemore.